Who is Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend?

Who is Mike Zimmer's girlfriend?

Is Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend Katarina Elizabeth Miketin?

Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend : There is no one who in the world of American football is more dedicated and for longer as football players. Perhaps no one understands this more than the women who are at their team. Mike Zimmer is one of the most well-known football coaches and his fans are eager to learn what is going on who is in his life. Who is the girlfriend of Mike Zimmer?

Vikings the head coach Mike Zimmer has made his relationship with model Katarina Miketin official following several years of rumors.

The couple’s romance had been thought to be in the works for a while after they were spotted at the Vikings party in early October of 2020. The couple did not say whether or whether the rumors were real until the end of November when Miketin replied via the Instagram directly message asking whether the couple were actually dating. Miketin declared the relationship “official” when she stated yes.

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Who is the girlfriend of Mike Zimmer?

Katarina Miketin, 40, is a model hailing from Duluth, Minn. Her parents were immigrants from Yugoslavia However, Miketin has been a resident of Minnesota throughout her entire life. Miketin is believed to be an avid Vikings follower, with posts about her experiences at games in the year 2018.

Miketin is well-known as a model. She will be the cover model for the Australian Maxim issue in 2021, which will be published in the December of 2021. She also has an impressive Instagram followingthat has a total of 429,000 followers as of at the moment. She has an adventure outdoor blog, called “Katarina Elizabeth Outdoors” which is focused on outdoor sports, such as paddling, kayaking and snowshoeing.

However, she’s not modeling for the entirety of her career. She completed her studies at St. Scholastica’s College of St. Scholastica with the degree of psychology and also earned her MBA in business administration from Northwestern University. In her bio on Instagram she describes herself as an businesswoman.

In her bio for her Twitter account that she hasn’t logged into for over a year, she states that she is be a single mom to her daughter. She doesn’t share any information about her daughter and there’s not much information available regarding her.

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How old is Mike Zimmer?

Zimmer was 65 years old this year and Miketin turned 65 in the same year, which means they share the same age, which is 25 years. Zimmer started with his coach career at University of Missouri as a part-time defensive assistant. This was three years prior to when Miketin became a parent.

Zimmer is currently the fifth-oldest active head coach of the NFL.

What did Mike Zimmer’s wife do?

The previous wife of Zimmer, Vikki Zimmer, died in 2009 at the age of 50 because of natural causes. The couple were together over 27 years. In the past, Zimmer was the Bengals defensive coordinator. He is the father of three children along with Vikki.

“She was the most sweet and kindest person that never said any negative thing about anyone,” Zimmer said.

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What is Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend Katarina Elizabeth age?

According to reports that Zimmer’s girlfriend was 38 when she got married. Model who has over 440,000 followers on Instagram She was appeared on Sports Illustrated and Maxim and other magazines. According to reports, she also holds an MBA in finance and business in finance and business from North Western University, along with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the College of St. Scholastica.

The couple was recently photographed eating dinner together and a picture was shared on social media. Elizabeth has a solo mom and frequently attends his sporting events. In a picture she posted she is photographed at U.S. Bank Stadium.Reports of them being in a relationship began some time ago, after they were seen together at a Christmas celebration. The year before, Elizabeth ended her social media break to visit and help Zimmer during the time that the Vikings started off with the perfect 3-0 start.

Early childhood education and early childhood

Katarina Elizabeth Michael was born on 17th November 1982 at Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is currently 40 older (2022) in she is a Zodiac Sign is Scorpio. Although she’s an American citizen her parents are of Serbian roots. She was raised by her siblings and brothers and enjoyed an enjoyable and happy childhood.


The modeling career of Katarina has been varied across different parts of the globe. She was a model on the cover of Maxim South Africa using Elizabeth Audrey at the beginning of her career. A few on her social media channels have Sports Illustrated, M&F Hers and Maxim as among the models she has worked with.

Her love for and experience in finance has also shaped her career. She is a middle-market loaner with a wealth of knowledge of the banking industry. She is employed by Frandsen Bank & Trust, which is where she is vice-president for Mid-Market Loaning. She was previously in a similar post at TCF Bank.

The previous experience she had in banking came from while working at the MidCountry Bank from 2007 to the year 2015. She was a credit analyst and vice-president of the bank in 2012, and was in the post for three years, until her departure. She also worked for Wells Fargo at one point.

What is Mike Zimmer net worth?

According to the website Celebrity Net WorthZimmer’s total net worth is $12 million. The site states that he’s paid approximately $4 million a year. Before joining the Minnesota Vikings in 2014 as their head coach, Zimmer used to work with the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals.


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