When Does Elena Become a Vampire?

When Does Elena Become a Vampire

One of the questions that many TV watchers have been asking is, when does Elena get a vamp? This is a question that has plagued this show since the beginning. Elena just recently started to have supernatural abilities and was immediately turned down by her father for this new ability. When does Elena become a vampire then?

Well, when does elena become a vampire? Well, first we have to clarify that this was not Elena’s first time at being a vampire. Elena is actually a vampire mother. In the series though, her powers were much more developed than what she had when she was pregnant with Damon.

The first time that we see Elena as a vampire was in the third season. This is after her vampire father dies. Elena’s friend Mimi had been trying to convince Elena to go to a dark place for her last days, but Elena refused her offer. Elena’s father then died and she instantly felt like she lost her mind.

Elena had also been bitten by a vampire earlier in life but she managed to protect herself. She also managed to cure herself by taking a blood bath. So we can see that this is what she uses to become a vampire. However, it also shows that she still has her powers and she is still very young.

What kind of person comes out as a vampire then?

Elena seems like the stereotypical modern day vampire. She is smart and tough and she also has an incredibly powerful willpower. These are qualities that any normal human female would expect her to have. This is why the show has been so successful. It is because we can empathize with such a strong character like Elena.

We can easily relate to her because she has had a lot of trouble with her love life. As a teenager, she tried to kill herself and drain the blood from her father’s corpse to appease her stepmother. She was only willing to do this because her stepmother had a great deal of respect for her. Elena had a vampire boyfriend too but he was constantly turning away from her. In the end he dumped her because of this.

After her parents deaths, Elena went to live with her grandmother’s family. This is where her true identity as a vampire started. While her grandmother treated her very well, this did not impress her vampire mother. Elena felt unloved and unimportant by her stepmother and this caused her to lash out at her family.

In the later seasons of television shows such as True Blood, Elena and Bill find themselves deeply in love. Elena eventually joins Bill’s army in Chicago in order to get a normal life. However, things go bad when a vampire attacks Elena in Chicago. Her vampire prey soon discovers that she has a blood bond with him, meaning that he can turn into a vampire and drink her blood. This causes a struggle between the two that lasts throughout the season until Elena realizes that it is best for her to leave Bill to die.

When Does Elena Become a Vampire?

This leads her to a crossroads. What would have been a normal life with her loving father has become a life with a vampire father. Elena tries to convince her father to help her cure her vampiric nature, but he is adamant that she will forever be a vampire. Elena’s father finally agrees to help her cure, but he does not believe that she will ever be rid of her vampiric nature. He hands her over to Bill, who seriously intends to do everything in his power to help her save herself, her husband, and her children.

Elena and Bill spent the next six months slowly regaining their normal lives. As the show progresses, it becomes clear that the reason why Elena did not kill her Vampire father was because she loved him so much. When we watch Elena and Bill in later seasons, we see that she is trying to learn to control her vampiric powers, just like her mother. She has also developed a strong friendship with Bill, which has helped the two of them bond over each others problems. Elena’s personality has changed tremendously over the years, becoming far more confident and wise. As a result, she is now the Vampire Mother, as she guides the younger vampires in her footsteps.

However, Elena has made a lot of bad decisions throughout her Vampire persona, such as attempting to use her powers for evil. It was this reason that caused her to turn back to her human side. Elena’s death has changed her for the better, as she now realizes just how evil her actions have been.

Finally, as the series progresses, we see that Elena is now the sweet and innocent schoolgirl that everyone loves and admires. We also begin to learn that her transformation from a Vampire to a non Vampire is a gradual process. In one episode, we saw Elena leave her vampire father and enter a world where she doesn’t need to use her powers to protect herself and her family. The journey of Elena from Vampire to Virgin is fascinating. Elena is learning new lessons every day, and her character is evolving as the show progresses.


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