What are Vintage Sunglasses?

What are Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses are shades from past decades that are worth considering if you are looking for a perfect pair of sunshades to rock this summer season. These shades are matchless and different from the other models already available in the market. Many top brands, including Porche, Versace vintage sunglasses, and Louis Vuitton, are offering these shades, which brings them back in fashion. 

The summer season is approaching and our eyes yearn for protection from the harmful UV rays and attractive sunglasses. If you are looking for perfect eyewear that shows off your personality, consider buying a pair of vintage sunglasses because vintage sun shades look and feel different while making you look your best. They are more durable and classy than today’s models. 

-The History 

The history of these glasses goes back to 1929 when Sam Foster came up with a brand named “Foster Grant” and began to sell sunglasses in Atlantic City and New Jersey. The demand for these sunshades increased with time as most of the celebrities started wearing them while making them a fashion statement. 

At the beginning of 1940, the Aviator sunglasses made their first appearance when the world was at war. These sunglasses were designed specifically for pilots flying combat missions.

In the post-war 1950s, the shape of these sunglasses began to change. At that time, cat-eye sunglasses were introduced, and everyone witnessed a rise in their demand. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, large frame designs ruled the world while Ray-Ban sunglasses dominated the 80s. 

With every decade, there was a variation in designs, color range, and frames. Rather than moving through each subsequent decade, it is safe to say that vintage sunglasses are have always been the first choice of buyers. 

How to Identify Vintage Sunglasses? 

Vintage sunglasses are usually known for their class and unmatched quality. One who has a great understanding of sunshades can quickly identify the vintage ones with a bit of research about the product and the brand. 

You can also identify if the eyewear you are going to purchase is vintage or not—all you need to do a little research to validate the product. 

The following are a few ways:

1-Check the Label on the Eyewear 

First of all, check the tag on the eyewear and figure out is it relatively old or worn. Look for the brand and model number. Most of the famous brands offer vintage sunglasses in their original form, and some give them a retro touch. Moreover, the frames and lenses can help identify if the eyewear is truly vintage or not.  

2-Check the Style of the Eyewear 

The style of the eyewear should take you back in time, giving you vintage and classy vibes simultaneously. There is no denying that these sunglasses were worn by many celebrities and other famous personalities who became the reason for their popularity. 

The best is to do some research about the celebs and their most worn sunshades. This will give you an idea about the eyewear that you might be thinking of buying for yourself. 

3-Brand and Trademark

Look for insignia such as brand logo, signature or symbol that was used by the brand in the past for further authentication. Many well-known brands, including Gucci, Versace, Ray-Ban, and Porsche, offered some iconic vintage sunglasses that fashion enthusiasts still wear. 

To Sum it All Up

Finally, it is safe to say that the design of these sunglasses is unique and attractive. This is the main reason why many people repeatedly choose to wear vintage sunglasses that are cooler than the new models. 

Many wearers of sunglasses prefer to wear them because of their durability and price range because back then, the sunglasses were manufactured to last a lifetime. 

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