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A vegan leather back, the latest Snapdragon 888 processor and a more powerful quad-camera setup flaunting a 48MP+50MP main camera combination are some of the key features of the Vivo X60 Pro+. I’ve earlier reviewed the X60 Pro and was suitably impressed by the camera, but the Pro+ is supposed to take it to another level with its hardware. 

Vivo X60 Pro+ will also compete with some of the other flagships in the market such as the OnePlus 9 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But can it outshine or even match up to these phones in the camera department? After using it for more than a week, here’s what I have to say.

Vivo X60 Pro+ specifications: 6.5-inch display full HD+ resolution | Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor | 12GB RAM+256GB storage | 48MP+50MP+32MP+8MP rear camera | 32MP front camera | 4200 mAh battery  | Android 11

Vivo X60 Pro+ review: What’s good?

The Vivo X60 Pro+ continues the compact design form factor in the series, though the twist is the Vegan Leather back. Available in a dark blue colour it adds a style factor to the phone. But I’m always worried that such material requires extra care. I’ve not seen any discolouring or scratches appear on the material, though I have been using this with a case on during most of my review period.

Vivo X60 Pro+ review, Vivo X60 Pro+ review camera The Vivo X60 Pro Plus’ rear camera has Zeiss branding as well. (Image source: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The phone is slightly thicker than the Pro. I realised this when I tried to put the case of the other phone on the Pro+, but it didn’t quite fit. Still, the Vivo X60 Pro+ is one of the slimmest flagship phones you can get in the market, which can easily be used with one hand.

It has a 6.5-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display, which continues with the dual curved edges as well. The display is excellent, especially when you are using it outside. Yes, this might not be a 2K resolution like some flagships in the market, but it is by no means inferior.

The display comes with a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz and 240 Hz touch sample rate. Both will result in a better gaming experience. The phone also has what vivo calls a ‘Smart Switch’ feature, where the screen refresh rate is automatically adjusted according to usage scenarios. Users can change this in the settings if they prefer. This is better from a battery life perspective, given keeping the phone at 120 Hz will drain it faster.

Vivo X60 Pro+ review, Vivo X60 Pro+ review camera Vivo X60 Pro+ has a dual-curved edge display. (Image source: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The content looks great, wherever you are streaming the video from. However, the only problem is that with the dual-curved edges, when you go for the full screen effect, some parts of the content get wrapped around the edges, which isn’t ideal.

Vivo X60 Pro+ is powered by the top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. As expected performance is not a problem, given the processor, and the fact that this packs 12GB RAM, with the virtual RAM feature also supported. In virtual RAM, vivo is allocating another 3GB RAM to the phone, though users can also turn this off from the settings.

During my usage, the phone never slowed down when I was playing games such as Dead Effect, Asphalt 8, Alto’s Adventure, Mars etc. In daily usage as well, the phone performed without any hiccups.

The camera on the Vivo X60 Pro+ comes with a lot of promise. It has a 48MP+50MP dual main camera system, supported by a 32MP and 8MP camera. The 48MP is the ultra-wide, while the 50MP is the wide-angle. The 32MP is the 50mm telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom support, while the 8MP camera has the periscope telephoto with 5X optical zoom. The phone has the Zeiss branding as well.

Check out all the camera sample photos by clicking on the picture below  

Vivo X60 Pro +//

The camera performance lives up to most of the hype. In fact, the first photo I took on this phone was a portrait of my husband and it was just ultra-crisp with the background blur being just right. Yes, the camera tends to brighten the object or person in focus, but it was no doubt an excellent shot. I took this phone out with me on some morning walks and the results were impressive each time.

The 5X zoom is sharp, and doesn’t lose out the details. Usually zoom on smartphone cameras require a very steady hand, but the Vivo X60 Pro+ is quick to give the sharpest results. What I also liked was that the camera kept the colours more natural without saturating them too much.

Vivo X60 Pro+ review, Vivo X60 Pro+ review camera, Vivo X60 Pro+ vs OnePlus 9 Pro, Vivo X60 Pro+ camera specifications, Vivo X60 Pro+ camera samples A vivo X60 Pro+ camera sample taken with 5X zoom. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Vivo X60 Pro+ review, Vivo X60 Pro+ review camera, Vivo X60 Pro+ vs OnePlus 9 Pro, Vivo X60 Pro+ camera specifications, Vivo X60 Pro+ camera samples A vivo X60 Pro+ taken in Night mode. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Vivo X60 Pro+ review, Vivo X60 Pro+ review camera, Vivo X60 Pro+ vs OnePlus 9 Pro, Vivo X60 Pro+ camera specifications, Vivo X60 Pro+ camera samples A vivo X60 Pro+ sample in ultra-wide mode. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

Yes, the sky appears a lovely blue in some of the photos, but it is pleasing and believable for most parts. The ultra-wide camera, the video performance, even the Night mode on this camera is excellent.

It manages to capture details, is quick to respond and keeps the colour range largely intact. I also took an ultra-wide shot of my red-colour Polo GT and the phone handled it very well, without making the colour look something entirely different.

The selfie camera, which is 32MP is also impressive, and will keep most selfie buffs happy. The night mode on the camera will capture any scene, provided you have some light source. And it actually makes the picture look good, and not unnatural. However, I would not say the same for using the extreme night mode on selfies. The results are just too artificial.

The Vivo X60 Pro+ has a 4200 mAh battery, which should easily last a day even with heavy-duty usage, and more than a day with moderate usage. I had the screen settings at ‘Smart Switch’ though if you switch to 120 Hz refresh rate, the battery will likely drain faster. The phone supports 55W fast charging, which Vivo is bundling in the box. I could get the phone from zero to 100 in just under an hour.

Vivo X60 Pro+ review: What’s not so good?

What didn’t impress me about the phone was the macro camera. One bit which is jarring is when the lenses suddenly switch to macro mode. I never quite got the shots I was aimed to get with the macro lens. Details were not as impressive, at least not as sharp as what I expected.

The other issue would be with the Extreme Night mode, which can make your skin look really plastic in an attempt to make one visible in the photo. I’m not sure it is worth the effort.

While the phone runs Android 11 with FunTouchOS, you will have to make peace with some pre-loaded apps and folders. For instance, as I found out, one cannot uninstall the Hot apps and Hot games folder. One can only remove these from appearing on the home screen. However, when one opens the app drawer, the folders are still visible.

Vivo X60 Pro+ review, Vivo X60 Pro+ review camera Vivo X60 Pro+ offers top end specifications with an excellent camera. (Image source: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

Vivo X60 Pro+ review: Should you buy?

The biggest asset on the Vivo X60 Pro+ is the camera and it does live up to the hype. Yes, it might have only 5X zoom, but frankly, that’s all I would ever use on a smartphone. The camera is capable of delivering some stunning results, no matter what the lighting. And the performance is not a problem given the Snapdragon 888 processor. Plus the vegan leather back and the compact design make this a very stylish flagship.

There’s no doubt that this flagship can take on the OnePlus 9 Pro, the Samsung S1 Ultra, and even the iPhone 12. It is no pushover in the camera department, that much was clear during my review period.

One issue though is that the Vivo X60 Pro+ appears to be out of stock on most websites, and you might have a tough time finding it online. On Amazon, it appears that the phone will only be in stock by May. Flipkart doesn’t even take you to the buy page. Hopefully, Vivo will have the phone in stock soon.


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