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Under45.in to COVID 19 vaccine tracker: These are all the tools to help locate COVID-19 vaccine slot availability


The COVID-19 vaccine is now available for all adult citizens in the country above the age of 18 years, but getting a slot is proving to be quite difficult for and turning into a game of fastest finger first. While slots for citizens above the age of 45 are still available and showing across many of the vaccination slot finders, finding one for 18+ is proving to be a serious challenge.

Keep in mind that the booking for a vaccine slot can only be confirmed via Cowin portal or the Aarogya Setu app. But there are plenty of solutions available to help locate a slot. Remember most of these tools are taking the data real-time from CoWIN (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network).

If you are hunting for vaccine slots, we recommend that you can sign up for notifications and alerts on some of these tools to get all the possible information. Again signing up for the alerts in no way guarantees that you will get one.


This will set up alerts on the Telegram messaging app for when slots open up for your district. Under45.in has been programmed by Berty Thomas (@BertyThomas on Twitter). Users can enter their state and district and they will be directed to a relevant Telegram channel.

Join the channel which is relevant for your district to get alerts about vaccination slots. We did notice there were more alerts and slots showing for bigger cities such as Delhi, Pune, while the Chandigarh channel didn’t have any alerts as such.

In South Delhi, it showed several alerts about slots with a link to the self registration portal on CoWIN. Remember, you will have to sign up for the slots quickly given they are filling up so soon.


This website lets you sign up for email alerts when slots open up in your district. You can enter your name, email ID and choose the relevant district. The website plans to add SMS support as well soon. The website does note that there will be a delay of 24 – 48 hours to get your first email, given the high number of sign-ups.

Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

This open-source tool has been created by developer Amit Agarwal and works in a Google Doc sheet. The script which is available on Github can be used to set up email alerts, though you will need to give Google account access to the developer.

The tool is based on public CoWIN API and will automatically monitor vaccine availability near your location and will send email alerts as stocks become available. It also lets you set up preferences for Covaxin or Covishield if you have these.

Here’s how to access this Google Sheet:

You will have to make a copy of the Vaccine Tracker Google Sheet in your Google Drive. It is best to do this on a desktop computer.

Click the Vaccine Tracker menu (near the Help menu) and choose Enable for the script. Google will warn you against giving permissions, but you will have to grant access for the tool to show up.

Once the tool appears, you can enter pincodes (for more than one pincodes use a comma to separate), the email address where you want the alerts to come and the age group for which you need to monitor vaccine availability.

You can specify the start date and vaccine availability will be checked only after that date. You can also decide how often the tool should check for slots.

The vaccine availability is checked every day by default. But you can change the frequency to every 4 hours or even every hour.


Paytm’s app has now added support for finding slots for COVID-19 vaccines based on Pincode and Districts. Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma confirmed the same on Twitter. Both Android and iOS versions of the app support this feature. Paytm will also let you set up alerts for when a slot opens up.

We tried searching for slots of 18+ and could not find any for the relevant districts in Delhi. However, it did show slots of 45+ and above.

How to check COVID-19 vaccine slots availability on Paytm:

Open the Paytm app and keep scrolling down. The Vaccine Finder option can be seen in the ‘Discover with Paytm’ Section. You will have to scroll below Paytm Mall to get to this option.

The solution on Paytm lets users search by Pin code or district, and select between 18+ and 45+ age groups.

Tap on Check Availability to see open slots. In case no slots are available you can also click on the ‘Notify me when slots are available’ tool to get alerts when the slot opens up.

VaccinateMe by HealtifyMe

This website is available on mobile and desktop, though they recommend using on mobile. The website powered by HealthifyMe lets users search for slots according to age group: 18+ or 45 and pincodes and district. Once again for booking though you will be taken to the Cowin portal.

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