Top-10 Review Sites for Customer and Business Reviews


In today’s world of stiff competition and professional rat race, you cannot afford to move ahead with confidence or deploy a new business strategy or buy a new product straightaway. You would rather prefer to read through review sites and figure out whether the potential product or service would suit your niche and usage requirement.

So, how about signing up with these ten notable review sites, and taking a wise step ahead instead of taking a hasty decision?

Top 10 Reviews Sites to Refer for Unbiased Feedback


If you wish to review and explore great websites and unbiased reviews for your business success and prosperity, then sign up with this site and put smart steps towards discovering great best essay writing service.

Key Features:

  • 100% lag-free experience with ultra-fast navigation
  • You get to explore more than 50 websites and completely unbiased feedback
  • Users are entitled to read through a large number of blogs that allow them to stay aware of all sorts of adversities and scams one can ever be subjected to.
  • Also, you can access this site via social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


This is yet another reliable and lawfully unbiased review site you can consult if you need to accumulate or extract genuine company feedback. Apparently, EssayCritics has bagged the reputation for being one of the most informative and research-wise powerful portal, much applicable for every individual willing to extract the real truth behind the potential companies’ whereabouts.

Key Features:

  • Here, you get to discover and know about more than 1,500 companies.
  • Also, you get to read through more than 1 million genuine and completely unbiased reviews.
  • There are more than 1,000 contributors to the website, and you will be able to read each review on the basis of your key preferences and other requirements.
  • In addition, the potential users will get to read through a plethora of informative blogs based on industry information related to scams, frauds, legalities and the likes.


If you wish to explore and read through countless reviews regarding companies, including digital platforms, are the right choices. It has a reputation for offering 100% genuine reviews and unbiased feedback of numerous digital platforms and more.

Key Features:

  • Gain easy access to hundreds of informative blogs that will help you to know about the real truths behind various company’s functionalities and offerings.
  • Also, you are entitled to reading well-knit reviews about all the potential digital platforms that would highlight factors such “number of orders”, “ratings”, “positive reviews”, “and timely solutions” and the likes.
  • All users get to sign up for the digital platform quite easily. Also, you get to search for companies on the basis of popularity and other parameters.


Next up, is the portal named This particular review site is said to be one of the wisest choices for users willing to get into the nitty-gritty details of company’s whereabouts in its truest sense. These days, there are innumerable academic help websites and similar digital platforms available for students willing to get their assignments and essays customised on time.

Now that you too are one of them, willing to explore the truth, prior to getting started with a company or placing an order, then is one such review platform that would come into play.

Key Features:

  • The website offers an easy-to-use interface.
  • One can both look for reliable reviews and add genuine, unbiased reviews at the same time.
  • The site offers a separate column called “Websites of the Month”. As a result, it will help students or any other user to easily gain knowledge of the website which has done better or performed in a favourable way in a particular month.
  • Quite similar to that of the other three websites mentioned till now, has a separate blog section.
  • It will allow you to read through hundreds of well-referenced and analytically enriched blogs.
  • This, as a result, will make you aware of all the essential parameters you would need to review before signing up with a particular digital platform.


Talking of review sites for customer and business feedback, Trustedessayreviews certainly gets a special mentioned here. Here, you will get to extract a lot of genuine business feedback and other details associated with the potential business website you would like to visit or deal with.

Key Features:

  • The website records for more than 2.6 million new reviews per month.
  • This means, you will get to read through innumerable reviews and then decide on the platform that is worth signing up for.
  • Trustedessayreviews is said to bring at least 6 million reviews to the keen observations of users across the globe.
  • This, pretty well suggests the fact that the particular website is quite popular and reliable among all users around the world.
  • In addition to each of the perks and features above, you will get to enjoy easy access to other add-ons such as webinars and videos, blogs, guides, reports and other essential elements.
  • Also, you are entitled to create a free account with Trustedessayreviews and navigate through the website without being subjected to any form of technical lags.


This is one of the most reliable review sites that offer 100% genuine and unbiased feedback regarding various business concerns and companies. You can search for a company by simply typing its name, without being a victim of any major lag, whatsoever.

Key Features:

  • The website offers you different segregated sections such as “Review Collection”, “Review Management”, “Review Publishing” “Widget Library” and “Integration Library”.
  • So, you can always sort your priorities already and go about the website in accordance with your preferences and needs.
  • Also, offers a well-built and informative blog section for its potential users.
  • Not only this, but every prospective user is also entitled to try out other website features such as “SMS Reviews”, “Review Adverts”, “Social Proof”, “Resources Library” and more.


This is one truly notable review sites with many promising features and safety parameters that ensure that users will be guided in the right direction. Using this website, you can simply read through customer reviews and real-time business feedback, which would allow you to evaluate and decide on the right platform to go with.

Key Features:

  • The website allows you to book a demo and be a part of it, prior to proceeding any further.
  • Using this platform, you will get to explore useful review features such as “Ratings and Review parameters”. “Review Crawling and Syndication”, “Customer Experience” and “Sales and Marketing”.
  • You can sort your preferences accordingly and look for reviews in order to opt for the business platform that fits best in your eyes.

8. Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs is a non-profit organization that deals with verified business and consumer reviews across various key industry niches.

Key Features:

  • This particular review site uses an “Overall satisfaction rating” in order to publish genuine company feedback from time to time.
  • The site also allows consumers to submit review recordings in the form of minute videos where reviewers would talk about the firm or digital platform in question.
  • This gives the site a personal touch and fosters more trust and reliability among consumers.

9. Yelp

Yelp gets a special mention if we are to talk about reliable review sites for businesses. From plumbing services to restaurants to delivery, Yelp covers a myriad of industries and business concerns.  You can simply go by the reviews and take wise decisions accordingly.

Key Features:

  • You can log in with the portal during any time of the day, without hassle.
  • Users get to search for businesses and reviews according to location and other specifications.
  • Also, you can go through “Yelp blogs for business” and enrich your knowledge bank accordingly.

10. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is undeniably one of the most reputable review platforms, which is said to address employee concerns and reviews in the best manner.

Key Features:

  • You can search for company reviews according to parameters such as “Job prospects”, “Salary” and the likes.
  • At present, Glassdoor covers ratings and reviews of more than 600,000 companies around the world.

Now that you know about the crux of the matter, choose your website wisely and proceed with the platform with all confidence and zeal to sign up with the best business.

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