Tips for Buying your Vintage Berber Rug


Vintage Berber Rug

Berber carpets are unique treasures in Moroccan culture Berbers have been used for a long time by Berber tribes and thus are still popular in most decorative and interior styles, inside and outside Morocco. Provided you choose the right rug. Because, besides his living reputation, he unfortunately became a large collection of counterfeit products, where new carpets were marketed as old tribal pieces. That is why we are interested in this because the Berber carpets are authentic and carry stories over time. This is why you should know what to look for, to know that your carpet is an original Berber carpet or not?

Vintage Berber Rugs

The vintage Moroccan carpets are really delicious and fun. Its design and embroidery are exquisite. Their presence at home blesses the full decor and makes it wonderful.

Regardless of the old Moroccan carpet type, the Berber carpets of the tribal atlas, the Oren brown rugs or the Boucherouite rugscan all look fantastic. There are many online sellers and suppliers who claim to offer high quality carpets and rugs from Morocco

What many people fear is whether homemade carpets are old or not. Well, that’s why one might have to testify to some of the information we will look into in this article. Here the most important thing is the age of this carpet. In this article we will all focus on: 

Know its past life

If your seller claims that the Moroccan rug you are buying is a vintage one then do ask for its past life. Many of the old and vintage handmade rugs in Morocco might have been used in the ancient household.

Accordingly, one will find few signs that will authenticate this. The old berber rug or any other vintage Moroccan rug, in fact, should have little stains of henna, candle wax, etc.

Moroccan rug

Also, one can find few marks in that rug. Obviously, these marks never compromise the beauty of the rug but bring in the vintage charm to the rugs and carpets. Hence, before you buy any Vintage Moroccan rug do look for its past life.

Well, if you find the rug’s past life you can trust for its authenticity and definitely buy it for your home decor.

Vintage Berber Rug

Restoration Difference

Another important sign to look for in any Berber rug is the restoration sings. Vintage rugs are the rugs that were made before the 1990s. Manufacturers often clean these rugs and restore the torn pieces so that these can be used for home decor.
Description: Vintage berber rug
If the Moroccan carpet like beni ourain rug or boucherouite rug is truly vintage then you will definitely find a restoration difference. This might include a slight change in color or the stitching of the torn pieces.

This restoration is done with extreme care so that Antique beauty and the vintage charm of the rugs is not compromised.

With the above-mentioned information testify to your supplier for the vintage rug and buy the best one for your home decor.


There is not much that you have to look for, and most of it is simple and general anyway. Here’s what to consider when buying a carpet:

Check if the design matches the expected setting

Contemplating the design is important when buying a carpet. By design here we mean both the pattern and the color schemes of the carpet. This will help you determine if the carpet matches the environment you are placing the carpet in, and that will make your decoration on point. No one wants to spend money on something that will end up looking odd.

Look for a durable and comfortable rug

In this case, by durability, we may mean long-lasting, but we are more focused on “retaining its shape”. You should first choose a rug that is soft and comfortable, and you should make sure the type of rug you choose will not lose its “comfort” over time. In other words, its fabric should be such that will remain soft even if you use it for long.

Consider if you want tassels or not

Before you go out looking for a rug, first determine that if you want them with tassels or without them. This consideration will help you be more in style. It helps you buy a carpet that blends in well with your living room or bedroom.

Moreover, in some cases, tassels look better, and in others, carpets look better without tassels. You should communicate with the seller for a better understanding.
See the type of carpet you are about to buy
There are many types of carpets available in the market, each with their unique styles, designs, colour schemes and qualities.
• If you put these things into consideration, you will be able to buy just the perfect thing for yourself.
• If you buy the perfect thing for yourself, your money will not go to waste, and you will have the best experience. What could be better than that?

Consider the price of the carpet

The money you are using to buy a rug is prized. So you should make sure they do not go to waste. Always ask and crosscheck the price of the carpet, to ensure you are being demanded an accurate price for a particular thing. Some salesmen tend to charge more for something that is not as good. And that puts you in a lot of disadvantage.


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