Tinder Vibes launched; Here is all you need to know


Tinder will soon be implementing a new feature that will help users know more about what they have in common with someone they have just matched with. This will be done with the help of Tinder Vibes, a set of quizzes that will come up once a week while using the app and ask users an assortment of questions.

These questions will be simple and meant to bring together users with a common interest. Fill in the blanks like “_____ is not picnic food” or questions like “Are you always 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late?” will be asked.

Your answers will be visible with the rest of your profile to any other user who comes across the profile, provided they too have taken the quiz. The responses will be temporary and will disappear every week. At this stage, users must come back and answer new questions for the next week and so on.

“This new experience builds on in-app events like Swipe Night, where more than 13 million members came together last fall to participate in a shared storyline, and Swipe Surge, which lets people know that Tinder is on fire and helps members spark 25+ per cent more matches on average,” the app said in a statement.

The Vibes quizzes have been under testing since 2020 and Tinder has stated that the feature has increased likes and matches by an unspecified number. The feature will start rolling out today and will be available globally by the end of May.

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