The Surprising Benefits of Journaling One Sentence Every Day.

The Surprising Benefits of Journaling One Sentence Every Day

During the periods of the 1980s and 1990’s the “Queen of All Media” developed a brand that extended far beyond the television screen. She started a journey for becoming a billionaire, a well-known philanthropist, and the inheritor of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She occupied by this different dimensional accomplishment, Oprah depended on a simple habit: journaling.

So, Basically What Is Journaling?

A casual act of thinking about your life and writing it can be called journaling. That’s all. Nothing more or less. Although its simplicity, the everyday journal has been a key figure in the career of several prolific entities.

Regardless of the person who expects from publication, many thesis writers, dissertation writers, creative writers have a habit of journaling. From authors like Mark Twain to Virginia Woolf, John Cheever to Vladimir Nabokov, Francis Bacon to Joan Didion. A journal rarely differentiates from these authors. There was a claim made by Susan Sontag that her journal was where she “built herself”.

Journaling is a common process among brilliant thinkers and inventors. Leonardo da Vinci. Thomas Edison. Charles Darwin. Marie Curie. Likely, protagonists and politicians during the course of time had a journal along with them in different types. The athletes such as Katie lucky, who have won several gold medals, and Eluid Kipchoge, holds the world record in the marathon, they lean on their journals to relate to their everyday training and to enhance their training.

Benefits of Journaling:

It Avails Chances To Acquire New Ideas From Past Experiences.

Looking back at her past journal entries, Virginia Woolf stated that she often “found the importance to lie where I never it at the time”

Going through your previous journals is slightly like reading a great book again. You come up with new sentences and see the past differently. While this time you are re-experiencing the story of your life.

It Proves Your Progress.

By writing down one sentence about what happened in that that will provide you with something strong to read when you are feeling low. Whenever you go through a bad day, it is normal to lose conscience that what you did that day. But with a journal, it is easy to track. One look at your previous record will prove to you about your development in past months or years.

It Enhances Your Memory.

Cheryl strayed once stated in her book, Wild, she strongly depended on her journals. She said “My journal gave the; who, what, how, when, and with a selectivity that might have blurred, but it had done something else: it provided me a frank and unvarnished image of myself but myself at 26 that I could not found somewhere else”

Time tends to change without you knowing, along with change your idea will also differ without you realizing it. Our ideology moves slowly as we acquire experience and journal entries can store up your thoughts in time. Looking at an old picture of yourself can be amusing because it recalls you about what you looked like, but a reading journal can be even more interesting because share your past ideology with your current self.

How To Make Journaling Easy:

People spend quite an amount of thinking about ways to make journaling over time. People came up with so many thoughts that they are associated with the notebook developer Baron Fig to construct the Clear Habit journal, but also convenient to develop a habit.

Before you start peddling your wares, let us clarify something.

Here’s the truth: there is no such way in a journal known as “right”. You are free to do anything you desire. You are only required to have a piece of paper or a blank document where you can write your thoughts. Therefore, despite the writing format of journals is not classified, there is an easy way:

Write ONE sentence every day.

The major benefit of journaling one sentence per day is that it makes journaling interest. It is enjoyable. It makes it easy to feel successful. And if you feel optimistic every time you finish, you will keep doing it. A habit does not require to be impressive for it to be handy.

Final Thoughts:

Journaling has changed the ideology of many people. It had initiated new thoughts and ideas in their mind. Journaling has no boundaries which draw more people toward it. There are many sources available on the internet about journaling. Some people who provide the best dissertation proposal service have a vast collection of journals from a wide range of academic topics. Nowadays journaling can be really helpful in our daily, especially for a student’s academic life. Therefore they can store their everyday life lessons and can go through them again in the future. So, what are your thoughts about journaling? Should it be thought of in schools?


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