The Influence of Web Design on Marketing Techniques

Web Design on Marketing Techniques

If you think that having a website for your business is enough to increase its online presence, you are wrong. This may have been the scenario in the old days. But now, your website plays a much more salient role in your business.

Customers interact with your website before purchasing your business products or services. The quote, “The first impression is the last impression,” plays a key role here. As per research, up to 38% of people will exit a website if they find its design or layout unattractive.

This percentage is enough to conclude that an aesthetic and appealing website design is the primary aspect for customers. This influences your business’s credibility in their eyes. That’s why your website should always aim to create high-quality user experiences.

This also highlights your website design’s efficient role in strategizing result-oriented marketing plans. Below are some of the ways your business website design will influence its marketing strategy.

Brand Image

Your business’s essence lies in its brand. Your website is a direct reflection of all that your brand stands for. Your website should aim to strike a chord in your customer’s minds. Each element of your website design, such as font, typography, logo, colors, and layout, should complement your brand image. Combining these visual elements should create an aesthetic appeal in your audience’s mind. Thus, if you are doing a web design, create a website that reflects your business and brand image.

You can look at the websites of some of the top companies like Apple, Microsoft, and others to understand how their website is coherent with their brand image.

User Experience

Statistical data gathered by Google asserts that 53% of users will leave a website if it takes a long time to load. These users are likely to never return to your website again. Thus, creating a satisfactory user experience is paramount for successful marketing strategies. The first rule is to create a website keeping your target audience in mind. Your website should give your users a chance to explore, engage, and interact with your brand.

You should follow your brand’s vision and create intuitive websites that are easy to use and worthwhile to your audience. This includes ease of navigation, optimum speed, lower page load time, and the website being highly accessible. High-quality images and video may be an appealing addition to your website, but they are known to have an impact on its speed too. In such cases, you should practice minimalism. For example, remove unnecessary plugins, advertisements that take up the entire screen, and pop-ups.

Conversion Rate

An accessible website has a high chance of improving conversion rate. It is a challenging task, but it gives your business the biggest advantage.

Also, conversions are not only related to the purchase of a product. The focus on optimization of conversion rates is to influence your customers to complete their desired action. This includes contact form submission, transaction completion, account creation, and booking completion.

Your audience should be able to navigate through your website and find what they are looking for. You can divide your content into relevant categories and subcategories. You can also provide internal and external links for ease of information. This includes creating a design that is effective for both web and mobile users.

Trust Factor

Customers will purchase a brand that they trust. If there’s even a slight risk, then they will refrain from continuing the transaction. For example, if there is an issue related to payment, users will not buy from the website.

Trust is a significant factor that is often overlooked. You can build a continuous relationship with your customers only if they trust you.

There is no better way to show your credibility than to include customer feedback and reviews in your website design. These testimonials will be much more tenable when they are backed with images. Whatever you do, trust comes first in any business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With so many national and international brands competing to capture your target market, it is important to hold your audience firmly. Your website can capture the immediate interest of your target customers and can improve its rank in the google search engines through SEO. Properly followed SEO practices can have a positive impact on the success of your digital marketing strategies.

You should focus on keyword research, timely updates, content management, among others, to increase your website’s visibility on the google search results. This will keep your website content relevant as well as will have a positive impact on your website’s conversion rate.

Content Design

Content Marketing is on the rise. The demand for original and creative content is extremely high today. This is because organizations have understood the influence of content marketing on customer engagement. Your website design and content design should go hand-in-hand with each other. Unnecessary or overabundant content often leads to negative responses.

During content creation, you should focus on its accessibility, relevance, appearance, ease of readability, and others to create professional and engaging output. Using too many fonts and complex words should be avoided. When it comes to content, you can follow the quote – “Less is More.”


There is no shortage of trends that are related to website designing. These trends will continue to emerge due to the influence website designing has on any company’s marketing strategies, conversion rates, and growth levels.

These may include more effective layouts, tools, and software. As a business, it will be a smart decision to keep up with these new trends to be able to improve your website’s usability.

With a solid marketing strategy backed by a well-strategized web design, you can influence your customers and leverage a positive output. This will have a favorable impact on your brand image, sales and marketing campaigns, social media presence, etc.

Thus, your first step right now should be to improve your user experience and interaction levels with a perfectly designed and highly engaging website design.


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