The best iPhone 7 cases with a card holder

The best iPhone 7 cases with a card holder

The best iPhone 7 cases with a card holder

1. Vena vCommute

iPhone 7 cases with a card holder: If you’re in search of an alternative to a sturdy wallet that can protect your iPhone and credit cards safe and secure check out a look at the Vena VCommute.

The vCommute has been designed with an angle-multi-switch magnetic lock that keeps your debit and credit cards secure while being flexible enough to bend to a position that lets you watch movies on the iPhone.

This particular case for wallets can protect your iPhone secure from falls and falls while giving you full access to all ports and buttons. It can hold three cards at the back. Cards can be easily removed due to the angle that runs along the side of the case.

It is possible to purchase the Vena VCommute for about $9 in rose gold or space gray.

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2. Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Slim sleek and stylish, equipped to hold your IDs and credit cards. Spigen Slim Armor gives you additional storage without the weight of the wallet.

Spigen Slim Armor Spigen Slim Armor is designed with a shock-absorbing TPU inside which means that your iPhone will not be smashed around when you fall on it. The exterior is constructed of a tough polycarbonate, which ensures that your debit cards are safe inside the case.

The drawback of this Spigen Slim Armor is it’s only hold two cards at once which makes it unsuitable for people who want to carry around pockets full of plastic.

It is possible to purchase this particular case in a variety of colors, including gunmetal and black, as well as red white, and rose gold for just $18.

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3. Silk wallet case

Smart iPhone Case Case

Are you tired of huge wallets and bulky accessories that fill your pockets? Take a look at this Silk the wallet cover.

Its Silk wallet case will set approximately $15. It will fit up to three IDs or credit cards and comes with a bit of extra space to hold dolla’ dolla’ billfolds and even a bezel with a raised design to protect the iPhone’s screen.

The case is made with high-grip materials to keep it from falling off your fingers during an exchange, and the reinforced interior guards your iPhone from a hefty drop and fall.

You can purchase the Silk purse case available in blue jade, black as well as gray and purple.

4. LAMEEKU leather case

Give a touch of class and some sass in add a little class to iPhone purse case games by using the leather case made by LAMEEKU!

The case, which costs $20, is made to fit the iPhone 7 like a glove and has 3 card slots hidden from view to provide quick access to your IDs, credit card, credit cards, drivers licenses as well as cold, hard cash.

Its LAMEEKU leather case features an elevated bezel that protects your iPhone’s screen from scratches or scrapes. Additionally, the case provides complete access to all ports and buttons and ports, meaning you don’t have to switch it off and on each when you need in charge of or charge your iPhone 7.

One unique feature this case is different from other wallet cases don’t include is the RFID blocking technology that protects your debit and credit card details from being taken away by criminals.

You can purchase the LAMEEKU Leather case available in black, light brown as well as turquoise and rose gold.

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5. Tripky Flower Foral Flip Folio Wallet

If you’re a huge lover of floral designs and don’t like having a heavy wallet and you’re looking at The Tripky iPhone 7 Flower Floral Flip Folio Wallet!

This Tripky iPhone 7 Flower Floral Flip Folio Wallet is constructed with three concealed card slots and a back slot to provide quick access to credit, debit , and ID cards, and any cash you’ve thrown around.

The wallet case that costs $10 includes a stand built in which allows you to stand up your iPhone and enjoy your favorite show or chat with your friends on FaceTime and the magnetic closure at the back of the case keeps your money and cards safe to the iPhone 7.

You can purchase the Tripky Apple iPhone 7 Floral Folio in blue and black floral designs as well as black and white floral black and yellow flora as well as navy floral as well as white and black floral.

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6. ZVE

Make sure you keep your iPhone secure and secure your credit cards by using ZVE wallet. ZVE wallet.

This leather-made wallet can accommodate up to three cards, in addition to your money. The case itself is shockproof, which means in the event that you fall and drop your iPhone and it falls, you don’t have to worry about it breaking. The raised bezel keeps the phone’s screen (and even your phone!) secure from outside interference.

If you’d like easy access to your cash and cards, just pull the ribbon from the bottom of the case and your cards slide out. It’s easy as that!

You can purchase this 15-dollar iPhone 7 wallet case in mint green black, brown, dark brown and gold.


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