Strawberry shortcake crunch cereal

Strawberry shortcake crunch cereal

Strawberry shortcake crunch cereal

About This Product

Strawberry shortcake crunch cereal: Breakfast or dessert? We’ll let you decide. As if that a sweet breakfast bowl can’t be beat, we present to you the Strawberry Shortcake Choco Cereal! The classic combination of chocolate and strawberries, however, with a twist inspired by the deliciously sweet and creamy taste Strawberry Shortcake! Take pleasure in the tart crunchiness of Japonica rice cereal balls infused with silky smooth milk powder and freeze-dried strawberry which complement the bitter sweetness of the dark chocolate-coated 65% cereal beans in every bite. Also included is an abundance of honey rings that are crunchy to give you a triple dose minerals, vitamins, and fiber. You think it’s impossible to come by more delicious than this? It can, because our cereal has been specially designed to satisfy your appetite to satisfy the sweet urge. It has no artificial flavorings or coloring!

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Strawberry Cereal Balls (Wheat Flour, Strawberry Powder, Corn Grits, Japonica Rice Grits, Corn Starch, Vegetable Oil sugar, Dragon Fruit and Whole Milk Powder Modified Starch and Natural Strawberry Flavor) Honey Rings (Maize Rice, Maize, Wheat Flour Oatmeal Skim Milk powder Salt Honey) Dark Chocolate Beans (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Cereal, Cocoa Powder Soy Lecithin and Vanilla Extract).

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“Cap’n Crunch’s” Strawberry Shortcake Crunch cereal review

The Cap’n Crunch’s Strawberry Shortcake Crunch

Did you know that there’s a reason why the cereal is a war against your gums and that our parents are responsible?

There was a time into the 1960s research on market trends showed that kids were not a fan of the soggy taste of cereal. Cap’n Crunch was launched in 1962 using a special mix of oats and corn along with sugar-coating and the shape of a pillow that assured a huge crunch that remained steady in milk. While it’s not listed in the list of ingredients, each piece is also packed with thousands of razor blades which cause destruction on the victims.

To truly emphasize the “crunch” aspect the cereal was renamed Cap’n Crunch and a cartoon character was designed using that same title (full names: Horatio Q. Crunch). The first commercial that it ran in 1963 brought the message home further:

There are more than 50 variations that could be launched within the past 50+ years following the initial’s introduction and all are deadly weapons.

They’re usually also delicious, and that’s why I’m so excited to have this brand new Cap’n Crunch Strawberry Shortcake Crunch regardless of how much gauze I’ll must consume afterwards.

Strawberry Shortcake Crunch is only available in the large old booty bags available at Walmart.

Okay So the Cap’n may or may not be great in navigating water bodies (he’s almost never out there). However, one thing I know for sure that he’s not good in the art of making cakes.

The “strawberry” cake is in fact it’s a Crunch Strawberry shortcake. However, Crunch Berries don’t taste exactly like strawberries in any manner, nor did not impart any flavoring or special taste to the shortcakes. They’re just plain old Crunch Berries, and too many of them.

The round pieces are similar to sprinkled Donut Crunch with less flavor. The flavor that they have is similar to the standard Cap’n Crunch and, when you mix it with the fruits… you’re only left with Cap’n Crunch Berries. The round pieces require some particular Vanilla, whip cream or cake-like flavor in order to make the cereal distinct however Cap’n Crunch didn’t bother.

However, I think this cereal would be better served in milk , as it begins to soften up a bit (more suitable for cakes) and the milk has a creamy flavor that is missing from the strawberry-flavored shortcake. The cereal shortcake tastes Oops! All Berries; Whoops! There’s no cake.


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