Purchasing A Foreclosed Home? Keys Of Action Before Sealing The Deal

pre-foreclosure homes

Who does not bag a real estate property with the intent of lucrative and high returns? Purchasing pre-foreclosure home can be a great avenue to secure a real estate property for a decent price range. Although, while this may sound like a golden opportunity, it is important to be au-fait of some potential pitfalls and issues that you may encounter and what you can do to help mitigate your risks.

Here are a few points to consider before buying a house in pre-foreclosure:

Mortgage Pre-Approval

When you are buying a pre-foreclosure home, secure the pre-acceptance process of the mortgage. Financing a foreclosed home is similar to purchasing other real estate property types- you can work with your mortgage provider or service to find a systematic and transparent loan structure tailored to your requirements. If you have everything planned before, it will be easier for you to move quickly and secure the best deals from a plethora of lenders. 

Do Your Research 

Post the recession of 2009, there were various opportunities to attain foreclosed properties at steep discounts as an aftermath of the economic apocalypse. This proactive arrangement prepared the real estate afficandos to see foreclosures as a sure bet with promising returns. 

While the market has changed and the lenders are today pricing various foreclosures at, even above the market parametric price range. It is important to research and have a blueprint of necessary details ready. Do not jump the bandwagon of “foreclosure is a good investment”. 

Low Priced Unfamiliar Properties Can Be A Trap

The foreclosure properties are a gigantic business for a plethora of reasons for many investors. The pre-foreclosure homes listed at a low price outside your investing experience are equivalent to gambling your entire savings account on a wild drunk night. Do not fall for the alluring price range. It could be a meticulous trap that can end you up in a great financial ordeal. 

Inspect the house from the inside out. It would be best if you were experienced enough with the real estate tricks and methodologies to spot signs of structural damage, illegal additions. Accounting for these factors will save you from unprecedented legal troubles in the property market. 

Visit The Property Personally

Various real estate professionals seal the deal on foreclosures without even stepping on the respective real estate. These professionals retain the loss they incur on selling these foreclosure properties on the hoax. If you’re planning on buying pre-foreclosure homes, be sure to visit the property in person so that you can spot the difference or keep an eye on the repairs that were not listed or shown in the listing pictures of the property. 

Avoid Doing It Alone

The greatest aspect to avoid is undertaking all the pre-foreclosure operations alone. Generally, buyers need the guidance of real estate professionals that have experience in foreclosure undertakings and transactions. This process includes real estate agents, property inspectors with local market experience, well informed and updated about the vicinity. Additionally, a mortgage banker can help you determine the total estimate of the home that falls within the financial parameter set up by you. 

It is also important to note that you make money on foreclosure the moment you buy the property. You can secure a lucrative return on investment when you‘re selling it in a sinking market. For instance, by unloading a home at 80 cents on a dollar, you bought it for 60 cents. Banks are shuffling in heavily dense foreclosure areas- reshuffling a handful of properties that offer distressed homes, out-of-business real estate management companies, and additional inventory is entertained at under listing prices on the property. 


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