PlayStation 5 might get a redesign in 2022, report says


The PlayStation 5 might be getting a new internal boost in specifications, according to a new report. The PS5 is a console that has been met with a mixed opinion regarding the external design of the device. The gaming console features a large white tower, with its wing-tips and a contrasting black middle strip, and is certainly a step in a new direction for the company.

The exterior design of the PlayStation 5 seems to be the way forward for Sony as far as the device is concerned, but reports have suggested that the console might get a slight redesign internally in 2022 that might give it a slight performance boost. The new information has surfaced from Taiwan, where DigiTimes is citing various sources at suppliers that are in the long-drawn process of looking to swap their manufacturing over to a new design. We may get see a new change in the CPU in the near future, which could feature a newer version from AMD with a 6NM design, and offer a work-around to the ongoing semiconductor shortage.

There is still the issue of the company requiring semiconductors. Nonetheless, the change might be able to re-equip the supply chain enough to help the company cope, as is mentioned in an investors’ call a few weeks ago. The internal change might be something like what we have seen with the Nintendo Switch a couple of years ago with the gaming console getting a saw a small but noticeable, performance boost as a result. PlayStation users and fans alike will likely want to keep up to date if a similar change might be coming for the PlayStation 5 in the near future.

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