OnePlus Triggers launched in India for Rs 1,099


OnePlus launched a number of products during its OnePlus 9 series launch event. Apart from the three OnePlus 9 series smartphones and the brand’s first smartwatch, OnePlus also revealed a pair of gaming triggers towards the end of the event. However, OnePlus didn’t mention a timeline stating their availability.

However, the OnePlus Triggers have now been made available in India and can be purchased from the OnePlus store for Rs 1,099. The triggers were made official with a tweet from CEO Pete Lau. Check it out below.

OnePlus Triggers: What you need to know

The OnePlus Triggers feature a matte black design with a large curved button on the top portion that users can click to trigger any key in games. The clip-like design of the triggers, similar to a number of third-party accessories, works by clipping on the vertical edge of a smartphone.

The OnePlus Triggers can be attached to any smartphone by OnePlus or other brands as long as the phone in question is lesser than 11.5mm in thickness. The touch controls would help users get more immersive feedback in games compared to on-screen touch controls.

OnePlus, OnePlus Gaming Triggers, OnePlus Triggers, The OnePlus Triggers can fit on any smartphone that’s less than 11.5mm thick (Image Source: Twitter/ Pete Lau)

The triggers which are designed to mimic the functionality of ‘shoulder buttons’ on phones like the Asus ROG phone series, also allow gamers to see more of the screen while playing since they do not cover the display with their fingers.

Note that using the OnePlus Triggers will require your game to support re-mappable control keys. This is often found in battle royale titles like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. The OnePlus triggers are available only in India for now, and there is no word on the international availability of the triggers yet.

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