Noise Buds Play review: Good looking and comfortable… but is that enough?


The True Wireless Stereo market is currently littered with options from all brands in all price brackets. We had a chance to review the latest product from Noise, one of the popular budget audio brands. While the Noise Buds Play looked like really good earbuds around the Rs 3,000 price point, what was our actual experience of using these? Read on: 

What’s good


The Noise Buds Play are really good looking earbuds. The stem design with coloured silicone tips that match the colour of the earbuds themselves looks great on your desk as well as in your ears. The earbuds are also pretty comfortable when you wear them and can be easily worn for hours without any problems.

The case of the earbuds is also pretty good. Although we aren’t fans of the pastel olive colour of this variant, there are people who might take a liking to this shade. The case also has a matte finish, a neat little minimalist logo on the front and a second logo on the back under a pairing button. This gives the product an overall premium look and feel.

Noise Buds Play, Noise TWS earbuds, The Noise Buds Play features a nice looking case with a matte finish on the outside. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

One element that could have been better placed is the LED charging/pairing indicator which is situated under the lid and not outside. This forces you to open up the lid every time you want to check the charging status.

Battery life

Battery life and charging times are good here and are comparable to other products in the segment like the OnePlus Buds. Thanks to a USB Type-C port on the bottom, users also need not carry a second cable with them wherever they go.

What’s not good

Audio quality

Audio quality is crisp and slightly bassy. However, in music with a lot of layers, you may find yourself left desiring a little more instrument separation. While we wouldn’t call the sound output flat, tracks like ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes or ‘Do I Wanna Know’ by Arctic Monkeys make you wish the output had a little more depth and richness.

Noise Buds Play, Noise TWS earbuds, The earbuds featrue a stem design and silicone eartips. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)


A major issue that bothered us throughout the use of the Noise Buds Play is what can only be a multitude of bugs in the software. We noticed gestures to change the volume being triggered automatically along with occasional disconnection from the smartphone source.

Coming to call quality, a lot of users we spoke to could hear an echo of their own voice relayed back to them, which quickly got annoying. However, the call quality was good at our end. A number of people we spoke to reported the echo issue, and could even tell when we using the Noise Buds Play because of it, when in a blind test involving two other earbuds – the OnePlus Buds and the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite.

This completely cancels out the fact that the Noise Buds Play has dual microphones on each earbud, one of its standout features.

Verdict – Should you get the Noise Buds Play?

The Noise Buds Play present a great looking pair of earbuds. However, while some elements like audio quality can be forgiven considering these are still budget earbuds, the software provides a major hurdle for people using the Noise Builds Play for music, gaming and calls.

This makes the earbuds hard to recommend unless there is a software upgrade that fixes these issues. These problems considered, the buds also seem a tad overpriced at Rs 3,499. Hence, if you still want the Noise Buds Play, presumably for the looks, comfort and good battery life, we suggest waiting for the price to come down. 

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