Mother’s Day 2021: Health tips for first-time mothers in the second Covid wave


Becoming a mother is one of the most fulfilling experiences. But, it has its challenges, especially when you are expecting your baby’s birth amid the pandemic. It can take a toll on you. 

“As the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been more devastating than the first wave in India, expecting moms should strictly adhere to the protocols like social distancing, personal protection, and staying at home to help prevent the exposure,” shares Dr Bisny T. Joseph, Medical Doctor at MomJunction. Ahead she shares some tips for you to keep in mind.

Stay at home

Stay at home unless it is unavoidable, such as health checkups and other medical needs. Call your gynaecologist for any queries and concerns and If you’re a working woman; try to get work from home.

Dr Joseph advises keeping a distance of at least one metre from others during necessary social interactions. 

Follow all precautions

Wash your hands with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based sanitiser after touching any foreign objects/surface of anything and before eating or touching the face. Practising cough and sneeze etiquette by all family members may reduce the spread of respiratory viruses. 

“Wearing a mask is not just necessary, it is life-saving. Use face masks and face shields when you go out. Use good quality masks that cover your nose and mouth. Do not down your mask outdoors,” she adds.

Reduce or restrict home visitors

Stay connected with family and friends virtually than having home visits. Keep home care personnel such as maids and other housekeeping or cooking staff in minimum numbers.

It is always advisable to maintain healthy precautionary measures. “Keep some restrictions on visitors in the postpartum period as well. Ensure anyone who visits you or the baby follows preventive measures such as wearing a mask and sanitizing the hands,” adds Dr Joseph.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

There is no specific diet recommended for pregnant women during the pandemic to reduce the risk of exposure or severity of the virus. Ideally, one should consume home-cooked foods in the right portion for overall health and strong immunity. 

Regular moderate physical activity is beneficial during pregnancy. “You may practise indoor workouts such as antenatal yoga or other exercises as per your doctor’s recommendations for keeping both the mother and the baby healthy,” she suggests.

Promote mental health

Hormonal imbalances in pregnancy may increase the risk for anxiety and stress. “Create a positive vibe around yourself by spending quality time with family, listening to music, and watching positive movies or shows. Meditation and antenatal yoga may also help you stay calm.” 

If you are anxious about the current situation, avoid watching devastating news and social media posts for your mental well-being. 

Do not avoid prenatal and postpartum care

Avoiding necessary scans and tests during pregnancy is not ideal. Mothers with gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions during pregnancy should undergo the required treatments.

Dr Joseph recommends planning the delivery based on your obstetrical indications after discussing it with your gynaecologist. Always make an appointment and visit the doctor at the given time to avoid waiting in healthcare settings. 

Host virtual baby shower

Cultural practices such as baby showers can be held virtually or only with family members during the pandemic time. Social gatherings and functions may increase the risk of exposure.”

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