Mexican Street Vending: A Must Try Traditional Mexican Food


Mexican food is a broad category that includes the traditional foods of Mexico as well as the fusion of various styles and ingredients from other countries. Mexican cuisine comprises all the traditional cooking, cuisines and folkloric traditions of this historic country of Mexico. Its origins actually lie in Mesoamerican culinary culture.

Mexican cuisines

From the times of the Aztecs to the Spanish colonists, the fame of Mexican cuisine in Austin can be traced back to the history of Mexico as a part of the South American continent. Mexican food has taken on many forms and variations over the years. The Mexican people are known for their love for foods and recipes.

In fact, Mexican cuisine has been greatly influenced by the Spanish, Portuguese and French in addition to the original Mexican people themselves. These cultures have influenced Mexican foods in more ways than one.

One of the most popular styles of Mexican food is the Tex-Mex style, which features black beans, refried beans and black-eyed peas along with other ingredients such as fresh salsa, chopped tomatoes, onions and jalapenos. Other popular Mexican foods include tofu, which is eaten both inside and outside a typical Mexican meal. Another favorite in Mexican cuisine is seafood, which can be found in the form of flats (shrimp cooked in oil or butter) and guacamole. The most popular seafood dish is fish which is served either as a main course or an appetizer. There are also many dishes that feature meats, such as tacos and burritos.

Variety of Mexican cuisine

While Mexican food is generally prepared in two ways namely by preparation and eating, it is important to note that there is a wide variety of Mexican cuisine catering to every preference and taste. Dishes that are prepared are usually served with condiments and toppings like hot sauce, salsa, garlic, onions and sour cream.

These condiments and toppings to add to the fullness of Mexican dishes, while also serving to enhance the nutritional value of the Mexican food. Dishes that are eaten are usually mixed with cheese and cooked in a Mexican style. Mexican food is a combination of various flavors such as mild, sour, spicy and sweet.

Traditional Mexican cuisine

One must-try traditional Mexican dish is the enchilada, which is a mild beef or pork dish that can be prepared with a variety of ingredients. The enchilada may prepare with or without vegetables. In some cases, enchilada may serve with beans.

Another very popular traditional Mexican food that can be found in Mexican street vending is the fajita. This is a marinate meat dish prepared with beef, vegetables, spices, chicken or other ingredients, serve on a tortilla.

The taste of Mexican food depends on the ingredients that are used and their proportions. Therefore, one should try to prepare as many recipes as possible so that the dish would satisfy every taste bud.

In case a particular recipe disappoints you, then it could be because the recipe doesn’t use authentic ingredients. Some black beans may not be made into sauce. So while searching for a good black bean recipe one should make sure it uses authentic ingredients to avoid disappointment.


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