Make Your Best Friend’s Quarantine Birthday Extra Special


Through the pandemic and lockdowns that we’re facing, it’s become extremely challenging to celebrate our friend’s birthday. Be it colleague best friends or high school best friends, they all deserve a treat on their birthday and the pandemic doesn’t necessarily have to change that.

Although you may not be able to go in person, you could still send the celebration to your bestie and continue to cherish memories. Here are a few things you can shave sent to their doorstep in order to make their pandemicbirthdays a blast.

Delicious Cake

You can order or whip up the prettiest and most delicious caked filled with their favourite flavours and have it sent to your best friend’s doorstep on their birthday. If you can have it delivered by midnight, all the better! With candles to blow and cake to eat and even maybe a personalized note along to read, they would end up cherishing the moment for time to come.

Gift Hampers

Another way to surprise them is by sending them the perfect gift hampers or baskets filled with things they love and items to use and hold onto. Hampers are a fun thing to dig into when received and make for a beautiful looking gift inside out. If you’re on the hunt for the best gift hampers Sydney has it all. You can never go wrong with sending your bestie a gift hamper be it custom made or personalized with that special touch of love.

Image Source: Pexels

Something Handmade

We come across a lot of local small businesses that sell the most beautiful handmade items ranging from jewelleries to paintings to even décor items. If you’re a creative person yourself, you could create a stunning piece of art work to gift your best friend on her birthday. Handmade items always have a sentimental attachment to it and hold the most intricate beautiful detailing. Handmade gifts hold extreme value and are often loved by all.

Personalized Cards

Quarantine or no quarantine, personalized cards have always been a special way to brighten up a birthday. Although it might not be a huge in size, it holds within whole lot of emotion from the message that goes into it to the cute design on it.

Personalizing it with pictures and important memories would give your best friend a precious moment to recollect and memories to hold onto forever.  Just like handmade gifts, a personalized card holds a sentimental value in it too.

Flower Bouquet with Balloons

Now while this is something that you can send with the above items, it’s also something you can send on its own. With all the cool helium balloons and other fancy cute balloons present these days, sending a bunch with a bouquet of fresh flowers is such a beautiful gesture and adds more birthday vibes to the day, especially since during the pandemic birthday vibes are often felt less compared to pre-covid times.

If you know more ways to help, make a best friend’s birthday extra special during these social distancing times, do share it with us.


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