How To Encourage Creativity In Kids Of Indian Schools

How To Encourage Creativity In Kids Of Indian Schools

From the moment a child is born, their creative juices start flowing. Children enjoy playing with colours, drawing, solving puzzles, and playing with their toys. Creativity allows students to develop socially and cognitively. By practising imagination and experimentations, children learn how to solve problems, make decisions, and interact with others confidently. You can influence a child’s academic performance through creativity. But how exactly can you encourage creativity in pre-school students of Indian schools in Abu Dhabi?

Listen more

Nursery students can talk your ear off. They are always full of creative ideas and love to share them out loud. The over talking might seem overwhelming, but you need to allow them to talk. Give every child the opportunity to air their opinions. Often when a child feels heard, that encourages them to try new things. They can’t wait to tell you all about it. Listen closely to what they say and encourage them to put their creative ideas on paper. 

Also, listening will give you an idea of what every student likes. You can cater to individual needs effortlessly. GIIS Abu Dhabi, an Indian school in the city, takes time to train pre-school teachers to listen and guide the pre-schoolers. 

Create space for creativity

For a child to thrive creatively, you need to provide an environment that encourages creativity. Pre-school teachers will prepare activity areas for every student before the class begins. What does this mean? Pre-schoolers don’t need to sit in one place from the beginning of the lesson to the end. Allow them to move around, interact with each other and finish the tasks you set up in advance.  

Provide materials

Part of creating a creative space is providing tons of play materials. Nursery schools also feature vast play materials that make it fun for students. Whether you’re in class or on the playground, always include activities and material that encourage creativity. One of the best Indian nurseries in Abu Dhabi, GIIS Abu Dhabi, have a pre-school section featuring state-of-the-art facilities to foster creativity. The classes and play areas include toys, charts, and other materials that will spark your student’s creativity.

Encourage curiosity

One of the primary ways of encouraging creativity is tapping on a child’s curiosity in Indian Schools. Ask your students questions that will require them to think and wonder. For example, you can ask about the sky, ask them why cows moo and why a cat meows, ask them about rain, and anything else that will spark their curiosity. Here’s the thing, you might not get the correct answer, but the children will become eager to know how things work. 

Asking questions also enhances their problem solving-abilities and builds confidence.

Avoid labels

Children take labels to heart. When you start to label some as creative and others as uncreative or slow, it may discourage good performance. Labels often separate students, as some will feel like they’re better than others, or some may shy away from trying new things. Therefore, always encourage all your students to try new things and applaud every milestone. When your students are confident in their work, creativity comes naturally.


When nursery students are limited, they become afraid to mess up or try new things. But when you allow them the freedom to mess around, you will see a change in your students. Leaving your students to their own devices will produce excellent results in the future. 

Even at the pre-school level, children strive for independence. Therefore, allowing them to be independent encourages creativity because they have no restrictions. Provide the space and materials and watch them blossom. All you can do is offer guidance without telling them what to do.

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Child-led learning fosters creativity, especially at a young age. What may seem like a chaotic environment is what the child needs to grow. Be patient and take time to listen and guide all your pre-schoolers.


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