Imeila Fonua Discusses Recruiting Strategies for Excellent Placement 

Recruiting Strategies

Employees are the backbone of a business, but finding the right ones isn’t always easy. Recruiting expert Imeila Fonua recently offered several strategies for superior placement during the hiring process.

“Many companies undergo a lot of trial and error when seeking the best employees for their team, but this sacrifices time and money,” Fonua said. “The best option is to develop recruiting strategies that work for the company, so optimal employees are hired the first time around.”

Create Complete Job Posts

The job posting is not something that should be last-minute or performed in a rush. Fonua emphasizes the importance of creating in-depth job posts that reflect the company culture. The job posting should be organized, professional, and a symbol of the company’s goals.

Fonua also recommended taking time to make the job post unique. The goal is to attract numerous qualified candidates that seamlessly fit into the company culture.

Let Social Media Help

Companies now target millennials and even younger generations for important job roles. Social media is like a second language to these generations and can serve as a way to reach more qualified candidates. Social recruiting is a relatively new recruiting strategy that helps locate talent, advertise positions, and communicate with candidates.

Imeila Fonua explained this strategy may seem far-fetched for some companies, but it was successful for Apple, Uber, and Zappos. The most essential tip to remember is to align the company’s social media presence with the brand and company values, so potential employees can get a taste of what’s in store.

Treat Candidates Well

Fonua expressed the importance of treating candidates respectfully. He suggested showing the same respect to them as you would a customer.

“The employer should be just as eager to meet an excellent potential employee as the employee is to meet them,” Fonua said. “This means the employer should be respectful of the candidate’s time, hospitable, and available to answer questions.

Consider Employee Referrals

Highly successful and dedicated employees often surround themselves with like-minded individuals. A strategy that works for the experts at Indeed is to offer a referral program for employees. This encourages employees to share job openings with others they find capable of performing well. Fonua added that bonuses for good hires can add even more incentive.

Put Time into the Job Listing

Recruiting expert Imeila Fonua explained that the job description is one of the most important parts of attracting top-quality talent.

The following are a few simple tips provided for creating a job listing that attracts the best possible candidates:

  • Be specific: The job title should be accurate to attract quality candidates and weed out those not suited for the position.
  • Include all requirements: Employers don’t want to waste time sorting through dozens of unqualified applicants. Including an overview of the position and day-to-day requirements, overall responsibilities, and necessary hard and soft skills will help the most qualified individuals.
  • Describe the company culture: A desirable workplace and company culture is a requirement for 72 percent of job seekers. They want to know the company holds itself to high standards and treats employees well. Highlighting the best parts of the company culture will help attract individuals that immediately fit in.

Use a Professional Recruiter Like Imeila Fonua

A professional recruiter can make the hiring process drastically more efficient while taking out a lot of the stress. Recruitment experts like Fonua and his team at Meta know how to find qualified candidates eager to succeed for certain companies and in specific roles.

Fonua explained that companies lose a lot of time and money while searching for new employees, and a qualified recruiter can save them from such losses.


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