HyperX Cloud 2 : Best Gaming headset for you

HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud 2 headset is a gaming headset that will not go away and is one that I’ve covered much more than any other technology product, excluding that of the M50X headphones. It was first introduced in 2015 and was a revision of the first Cloud headset which was in itself an improvement of the QPad product dubbed the QH90. The QH90 is its own a Pro 80 from Takstar OEM headphone that had a microphone that was attached to the headphone.

Cloud2 just keeps selling and selling in spite of the larger market and HyperX cloud 2 itself, both of which offer alternatives that are better than the non-moving $99 price. This is right, it is still selling for price of $99 when it’s been around for seven years.

The Cloud II did undergo a subtle revision over the last few years. However, the version you can buy this moment isn’t quite the model which was launched in 2015. The soft touch material that was on the earcups has been replaced with a simple matte plastic. The design and headband decoration are more simple. The angle of the earcups as well as the microphone port have been tweaked to make the mic that was previously used not compatible with the latest headset. The latest model doesn’t come with an carrying bag, or a small rubber plug that covers the mic’s jack when not being used.

If you’ve ever ventured into the dark web of tech enthusiasts’ forums or Reddit, then you may find people certain that this latest version has a different sound than the older one, but I’m here to assure you that they are totally incorrect. The newer models are similarto the original models, and they have the same audio quality and performance. I’m sure that anyone who has noticed the difference in sound quality will compare their new pair to one with older, worn and worn-out pads. The quality of padding can make a huge difference in sound.

Despite its excellent sound quality and the comfort factor, I don’t believe that the Cloud II is worth anywhere as much as the $99 price it’s still getting on the market today. It’s unfortunate that the unremarkable dongle did not see any improvement through the years It’s also a pity that the carry bag has been removed for gamers who travel. Its tiny microphone isn’t the best in the current market. Cables that can be detachable are standard in this day and age.

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HyperX cloud 2 provides a number of better alternatives and all of them offer an excellent value for price than the old Cloud II. Below , I’ll provide more details about each of them and offer a top bonus choice from one of HyperX’s rivals. I wasn’t contacted to by HyperX to create this piece and, in fact, they’d prefer I did not. I had a an informal, professional relationship with their marketing staff However, I’ve recently ended my relationship with them and shifted my focus to review of games over coverage of hardware.

Now, in not in any particular order, are some HyperX headsets that you could purchase that will last better than the well-known Classic Cloud II, and one Logitech headset that I believe is fantastic.

Cloud Alpha

This price of 99 dollars could have killed the Cloud II outright. It’s better in audio, better quality, and a better microphone. It also comes with an detachable cable which introduces the possibility of introducing a tiny little bit in crosstalk among the microphone and the speaker channels…though in the tests I did, it didn’t have this issue in the same way as some models. (This is also dependent on the configuration of your PC).

I’m not sure why the Cloud Alpha hasn’t pushed the Cloud II right off the market. It’s a brand newer, better look and more stylish and costing the same amount of dollars. For those who are looking for a surround-sounding dongle Cloud Alpha S is the best choice. Cloud Alpha S offers one which is superior to the audio capabilities that the Cloud II’s at only thirty dollars more. It also features superior audio quality as well as acoustically adjustable levels for bass as well as a more comfortable padding than the standard Alpha model.

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Cloud Core Series

The Cloud Core Series is HTML0.The present Cloud Core models are just similar to Cloud II models, but with a wired version. Cloud II, but streamlined. The wired model is priced at $69 and comes with the same microphone, speakers and dongle as Cloud II. Cloud II. The headband is just a little smaller and less expensive but you’re not getting additional pads. This is all you’ll lose for the extra thirty dollars that remain in your pocket.

If you go back to $99 You can also get the current Best Buy exclusive Cloud Core Wireless. It’s a reduced version of the Cloud II Wireless, and also includes all of the audio features of HyperX’s bestselling classic. Wireless setups are amazing and, if you own an Xbox, PS4, Switch, or PC, I believe that the wireless connection is well worth the cost — and you pay the same price.

CloudX Stinger Core Wireless for Xbox

 If you’re an avid Xbox user and are looking for an excellent headset experience at a price of $99, it’s the CloudX Stinger Core is a excellent option. It’s got too many words in its name, however it’s an excellent headset compared to all others “Stinger Cores” that HyperX sells, thanks to its effective Xbox Wireless tech and its enhanced padding.

The microphone’s performance and convenience here make this headset an ideal choice over the more expensive CloudX Flight which goes for an astronomical amount of money. I would like to see HyperX cloud 2 offered more Xbox headsets available in their range. Actually, I’d like to see this for the entire industry. This is just as the fault of Microsoft as any else’s. They have their own protocol, based on Wi-Fi Direct for every Xbox wireless connections. Furthermore, they require that peripheral companies purchase a licence to be able to use this technology. Dongle-based headsets aren’t exempt from the fee and are essentially certified as controllers. PlayStation or PC wireless headsets aren’t affected from this obstacle and typically sell for less because of it.

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A long time ago, it’s possible that a tiny bird informed me that there was a plan to launch the creation of an Xbox model of Cloud II Wireless. In the meantime, until that fabled product displays its true colors it’s CloudX Stinger Core Wireless CloudX Stinger Core Wireless is HyperX’s top Xbox headset. It’s better suited for the Xbox platform as opposed to the wired Cloud II as long as you don’t require the flexibility that comes with its 3.5mm connection.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless

When you thought that the Cloud Alpha didn’t kill the Cloud II, I thought the $149 wireless model was a good alternative. It’s similar to the superior Cloud II, and its brand new design, better quality of fit, and high-quality DSP-powered sound more than makes up for the increased cost.

This is all that’s great about Cloud II. Hyperx Cloud 2 refreshed with a new frame, as well as it has a reliable connectivity to wireless that is suitable for PC, Switch, and PlayStation gamers. It features a superior microphone thanks to the borrowing of the microphone of Cloud Flight. Cloud Flight series. It is equipped with a 7.1 surround mode that has proper channel input support for PC, thanks to its in-built digital signal processor. The processor also gives an eminent sound boost in comparison to the wireless Cloud II; the highs are more smooth and clear for my ears.

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Logitech G435(Review)

I’m including this model this post to show how much the market has grown over the past seven years and because it’s one of my top headsets for under $99. This wireless model for $79 provides connectivity to PlayStation consoles and computers via Logitech’s low-latency Lightspeed Wireless system…and it also includes a second Bluetooth mode that can be used for mobile usage.

The sound, just like Cloud II’s classic Cloud II, is much superior to what you’d expect at this price. And the microphone, like the original Cloud II, is a bit disappointing when compared to other models of this price. But it’s got the job done.

The G435 from Logitech is the best illustration of how well it is compared to what the market has been in catching up to Cloud II, in terms of technology and value.

Product Details

Created for comfort: Extremely cozy memory foam pillows and a leatherette headband with padding help to keep your attention on your gaming

Supreme audio quality: Large 53 millimeter drivers provide high-quality audio. Get better game-day details and gain an advantage over your adversaries

7.1 virtual surround sound Immerse yourself in your game with hardware-driven 7.1 surround sound that is exact audio placement

Passive noise cancellation The closed earcup design blocks out distractions from outside to help keep you focused on the game

Made to last. The sturdy aluminum frame is designed to endure the abuse of daily usage

A detachable microphone that is noise-cancelling: TeamSpeak and Discord certified to allow you to chat with your friends , and your calls will be heard clearly and loud

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Compatible: 7.1 virtual surround sound on PC & Mac. Stereo sound on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices

Product Dimensions6.69 7.69 4.72 7.69 x 4.72 2.76 inches (17 12 x 7cm)
Item Weight9.7 Ounces (275 grams)
Item model numberKHX-HSCP-RD
Batteries1 Batteries that are not yet known.
Ear PlacementOver Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Model NameHyperX Cloud II
Country of OriginIt will imported from the US
Date First AvailableMarch 25, 2021

Final Thoughts

The Cloud II’s moment in the spotlight is over. HyperX Cloud 2 had a fantastic run. HyperX Cloud II still cruising along with a steady stream of reviews and brand awareness in a market that has been beaten every time. HyperX Cloud II is an excellent headset, in isolation However, when you compare it to HyperX’s current lineup and the rest of the market, it’s no longer an outstanding product.


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