How to Utilise SEO to Increase Your Instagram Reach?

How to Utilise SEO

Instagram made an important upgrade to its search feature in November 2020. Instead of simply being able to search for profiles, hashtags, and places, you can now search for general phrases, which will return all posts that contain those words.

 This can signify one of two things: first, the Instagram algorithm has been modified. The second point is that Instagram SEO should be a part of your overall business plan.

We’re all familiar with Google’s SEO, but it’s important to note that social media networks have search functionality as well! With Instagram’s extended search capability, optimizing your profile and posts for Insta search is a terrific method to expand your reach and gain an advantage over your competitors.

6 Ways Utilise SEO to Increase Your Instagram Reach


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  1. Make Your Instagram Profile Accessible

The greatest location to incorporate relevant keywords and search terms is in your Instagram profile. The first step in SEO is to optimize the name of your Instagram account. Select a handle and a profile name that are appropriate for your content. If your brand name is popular, this is the greatest place to start. 

Not to forget, when you talk of SEO on Instagram, a suited Instagram name and bio can take you places. Always make sure that your name has a high-ranking keyword on it. This will make your account more accessible.

Let us say, you have an account in which you give hacks about something or its related fields, you need to ensure that you use the word, “hack” in your name. So that you are easily available when someone searches for it.

Another very important thing which people should make a note of is that fancy words do not make great keywords. Not that, your good vocabulary is of no use to your Instagram. You can use them at places, but you need to use the higher ranking keyword more often.

Apart from this, you can also look out to buy Instagram likes to have a better reach.

  1. Make a List of Your Keywords and Rank Them in Order of Importance
How to Utilise SEO

Source: Freepik

Before you make any changes to your Instagram profile or content, you must first answer this question. What are the keywords for which you wish to get ranked? To come up with Instagram keywords, you can utilize standard keyword research tools such as WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool, SEMRush, Ahrefs.

Just remember that what your Instagram users are looking for may not be the same as what they are looking for on Google. In this case, hashtag research instruments may be the best option.

While making a list of keywords relative to your Instagram post, brainstorming is the key.

This helps you get a list of words and you can research them to know the order of their preference.

You can even type those words in your Instagram search space and observe the result.

  1. Use Your Caption Space Wisely

There is no way one can stress this more. But, you must understand the importance of your caption space. 

Use the main body of the caption to put out some relevant keywords. But, make sure you do that effortlessly. It should neither look forced nor clumsy.

Another popular thing about Instagram is the hashtags. The main body of the caption should have a high-value keyword. The hashtags should have that keyword and other ancillary keywords relevant to the niche you are posting.

This can work a long way for your post. Also, you may never know, the relevant keywords can give your post enough exposure to even take it to the explore feed as well.

  1. Add Alt Text 

Alt text or alternative text is something that is used as a reference when the image cannot be viewed for some reason. It is usually seen on websites or blogs. 

But, not many people know that alt text can also be used in Instagram. When you are uploading a picture, and you are in the space where you can write captions, just scroll down and you will find advanced settings. Click on that and scroll down to the “accessibility” option and your alt text.

Alt texts play a great role in improving your SEO so it is important to use that more often.

  1. Promote Tagging

Tagging is something on Instagram that people usually follow in their post when someone else or something relevant is also a part of their post. When you tag someone, you make them directly accessible through your post.

So, it is important to encourage other Instagram accounts to tag you. This can be done by reposting pictures as posts or stories. When they find that they are also earning a certain level of engagement because of you, they won’t hesitate to do the same for you as well.

Businesses often send free products to popular influencers, so that they make a post about it and tag you. Thus, making your account accessible at the tip of your finger for a larger audience.

Giveaways and contests are another way. If the prize is something that can lure a greater set of audience, not necessarily something expensive, it can at times multiply followers too which is one of the best ways to gain organic followers in a lesser amount of time.

  1. Keep a Track

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One of the worst things that we see most people doing is not analyzing your progress. Just remember that Instagram is a dynamic space. There is always too much to consume for the users. So, anything, for example, a keyword, that has worked for a large number of creators from your field, may not necessarily work for you as well. 

So, take notes of your progress each step of the way. You can at times try experimenting too and may find words that will accelerate the progress rate.

The Keyhole Social Media Account Analytics tool is something that can help you out at this end. It reciprocates the clear picture of the competition.


Above, we discussed the top 6 ways to utilize SEO to increase your Instagram reach. But, we can also not forget that for new accounts even if they start attracting an audience, people will hesitate to start engaging with the post if they see others doing the same. So, you can also search for some free likes or followers.


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