How to keep dogs healthy?

dogs healthy

In Australia, the data from Animal Medicines Australia shows that 40 per cent of Australian households have at least one dog. Having a dog in the family has several advantages. Dogs can easily change their mood and will give their efforts unconditionally. Dogs keep households more safe and energetic. But to achieve all these from a dog, the owner has to keep them healthy. Many diseases can affect dogs badly, and giving occasional flea treatment for dogs prevent many of these diseases.

Why are caring dogs relevant?

In Australia, the study from National pests and disease outbreaks show that Ehrlichiosis-like tick-borne virus-caused diseases are common in dogs. This disease outbreak has been detected in multiple parts of Australia during May 2020. These diseases can be prevented by keeping the dogs clean and healthier by methods like flea treatment for dogs.

  • Avoid ticks and fleas: Frequent treatments keep the ticks and fleas away from dogs. There are many diseases such bugs can cause to the dog. 
  • Skin infections: Dogs like to play in mud and grass. The probability of skin diseases in dogs is higher due to this factor. Cleaning and caring of skin after going out is necessary to keep such infections away.
  • Health: Dogs are naturally active than most other pets. To keep energetic, dogs require proper food and other supplements. 

Methods of caring for dogs

Australians are generally careful about their pets. But there are special attention needs for dogs to keep them out of any diseases.

  • Flea and tick prevention: Flea and ticks are the most significant disease makers in every pet, and there is no exception in the case of dogs. There are different types of products available to keep such disease makers away. Some products are used while washing the dog, and they are generally easy to apply. The spot-on type products are used on the spot where the infection is affected. Chewable preventive medicines are given with food to keep dogs healthier and resistant to such infestations.
  • Worm infection prevention: Worms can also cause infections in dogs. Due to the nature of playing in the mud of dogs, it is hard to avoid the chance of worm infection. Owners can prevent worm infection by a few methods like washing dogs with anti-worm liquids. These liquids have chemicals that can prevent or kill worms. For infection already taking place, use tablets that inhibit diseases, along with washing liquids.
  • Ear and eye care: The lack of regular cleaning leads to infection in the eyes and ears of the dog. Routine washing is not enough to keep these problems out. It requires extra careful cleaning of eyes and ears. Special cleaning liquids are available in the market to safely clean dogs eyes and ears. One can also use eye wipes to clean the area around the eyes. There are different types of bottles available to make cleaning easier.
  • Dental care: Many dog owners did not realise that dental care is significant in dogs. Dogs eat a wide variety of food, some of these may be soft, and some are hard. Some food sticks to the dog’s teeth. Dogs are unable to clean their teeth by themselves. For avoiding tooth problems in dogs, some tooth cleaning products are available on the market. The liquid teeth cleaners are easy to use. They can directly mix with fresh drinking water. These liquids prevent plaque formation in dogs teeth. Some brushes are also available for cleaning the dog’s teeth daily.
  • Wound and skin care: Due to the dynamic and playful nature of dogs, it is easy to end up in wounds. Untreated wounds can lead to severe complications in dogs. Soon after finding injuries in dogs, apply proper disinfectants. Fungal infection is widely seen in dogs in Australia. Adequate preventive liquid use can omit the chance of such fungal infections in dogs skin.


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