How to hide apps in Vivo using the phone’s launcher or a third-party app


How to hide apps in Vivo: Most Smartphone users are facing a lot of problems just because of hiding apps in their phones. Just because of that a lot of users decide to uninstall those applications. like Kik or any other personal application But there is one more way instead of uninstalling those applications that are to hide them.

Yes, In this way you do not need to reinstall them, again and again, application to use them. So if you wish to hide your apps in your smartphone then you will be glad to hear that In this article I am going to show you How to hide apps in Vivo. So for this, you just need to follow the below ways carefully.

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How to hide apps in Vivo

how to hide apps in vivo

There are two ways to hide apps in Vivo that are by using the inbuild Phones feature and the second one is by using any other third party application. In this, we are going to discuss both ways you have the choice to choose anyone whichever you feel comfortable

1.    How to hide apps in Vivo using the phone’s launcher

In this way, we are going to hide apps in your Vivo smartphone using its inbuilt features. This way I feel is very much secure as you can hide any personal application using this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on the Search bar and search for Hidden apps
  • Then select the Hidden apps option
  • There you need to add a lock
  • Now select those apps that you wish and hide
  • At last, your selected apps will be hidden.

This was a very easy way to perform under How to hide apps in Vivo. So now it’s the time to show you how you can unhide those hidden apps. Do you know Share chat had recently launched a new Application Jeet 11 don’t forget to check it out

How to unhide apps in Vivo

Now, after hiding your apps what if you wish to unhide them. What you need to do to unhide them in vivo. So for that, you can follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Tap on the Settings > Tap on the Search bar and search for Hidden apps > Select the Hidden Apps option > There enter your password > Then Deselect any selected app which you wish to unhide > After deselecting your apps will be unhidden.

2. Using any third-party application

So if you don’t wish to hide apps using your phone launcher then you can take the help of any third-party application. That will allow you to hide apps in a very much beautiful manner that nobody can guest of finding easily. There is a lot of application available in the market which allow hiding apps.

Every 2nd app has its different features to hide apps like some apps allow us to hide apps in the form of a Calculator which will work the same as a calculator. Don’t worry until you enter the right password these apps are not going to show those hidden apps to anyone.

But here the main problem arises that some hiding apps are paid and some are free to use. So which you should use. So for that, I will say you can use any free one. One of the best apps to hide apps in your vivo smartphone is Calculator Lock

  • Go to the Play store and download the Calculator Lock application
  • After installing, Open the Calculator Lock
  • Add a lock there.
  • Now select those apps which you want to hide
  • Then press Hide apps option and your apps will be hidden.

Now if you want to use those apps then you need to go to that new calculator and enter your password and your apps will be visible to you.


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