How to Find Addresses for Wedding Invitations     

How to Find Addresses for Wedding Invitations

Weddings are one of the most important events in many people’s lives, and they want to invite relatives, friends, and even acquaintances to share the happy moment. That’s understandable.

Then, the technicalities set in.

For one, it’s still most acceptable to send invites through regular mail, not online. But how do you get people’s physical mailing addresses? They’re certainly not something you need every day, right?

Do you have any idea how to go about it? If not, don’t fret – that’s why this article was written.

The good news is that there are plenty of approaches you can take if you want to find mailing addresses for wedding invitations, from using a people search engine to looking through public records.

Get the Address Online

The first step is choosing a design for the invitation letters or cards. Assuming you’re past this stage, you can get the address online. You don’t need to contact every prospective guest personally.

There are some online tools that can help by sending out a mass email addressed to everyone.

Reverse Phone Lookup

You can use someone’s phone number to get their address. A people search engine can help. You enter the landline in the search bar. If the address is listed, the site will deliver it to you. This is known as reverse address lookup.

If you have a mailing address, but it’s not current, you can send a letter to it via USPS. If they asked for their mail to be forwarded to the new one, it will be easy to find.  

White Pages

The White Pages can get you public numbers and addresses at no cost. Just do a search for the people by name and city or state. You can also use their number. Try a home phone in the best case because cell phone numbers typically aren’t listed.

Not all the results you get will be free to access. If their current address is public, you’ll see it in the Addresses section of the White Pages. There will be an Addresses link. If the address isn’t public, you click on this to get a full report. This option is not free.

Check Public Records

If you know the county where they live, and they are a property owner within that county, the tax assessor will have their address. It might even be listed online, depending on the location. Visit the assessor’s website and check if there is a search option. Free directories like NETR Online are also available. 

Use a People Search Engine

To find people online, it’s recommended to enter their first and last name surrounded by quotation marks. If their name is very common, though, the option isn’t likely to work. 

Sites like, True People Search, and Melissa Lookups can help you get someone’s address. Melissa is used by businesses and state agencies. It is a free service validated by USPS and Canada Post.  

People search sites locate previous addresses and phone numbers. You need to enter your prospective guest’s name and city or state.  

Use Google Forms to Send Invites

When planning a wedding, it’s a good idea to have a separate email account to send invites out. Then, the addresses can be collected using the email addresses connected to the account. At the top of the form, note why you’re using it: to collect mailing addresses for the invitations.

The guests will then fill in all of the fields. An added bonus is that you’ll have the right spelling of the names because they will be entering them.

In the Responses section, link the form to a spreadsheet. Your guests will input their information here. The form will populate the responses automatically. Go to the link symbol to share the form via a link. Copy the link and text or email it to your guests. Your guests will be prompted to fill in the form when they click the link. They don’t need a Google account to fill it in.

The above process will only work if the people have some computer experience. It’s common to invite all relatives to weddings, even elderly ones, who might not be tech-savvy. You still need their addresses, though. In this case, just give them a call and ask. You could ask another older relative to call them to help you out in collecting addresses as quickly as possible. Then, you can move to the next wedding planning stage.


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