How to Design Effective Metalized Boxes in 2021?


With the advancement in marketing tools and techniques, Product packaging has become an integral part of revenue generation via catalyzing sales. Product packaging that speaks for the brand and ensures that the encased product is safe eventually gives the user a personalized unboxing experience. Brands use customized packaging, through which they can communicate with their customers and convey a message. Another advantage of these personalized boxes is that they keep the products safe and secure.

Since the packaging game has changed so much, brands have started using custom metalized boxes, and these metalized boxes have become a trend. These boxes are so versatile that they can package any product and make it look amazing. This also adds worth to the value of the product.

These days, metalized packaging can be made according to the brands’ requirements in any:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Graphics
  • Quality

With these unique designs, they can attract and lure in more customers, and luxury products like:

  • Jewelry
  • Ornaments
  • Watches
  • Ties
  • Cell Phones

It could all be put inside these boxes.

Types of Metalized Packaging Boxes

When we talk about customized metal packaging, two basic types of styles first pop up in our mind, if he some prior knowledge. And these styles are:

Silver Foil Packaging

Gold Foil Packaging

These colors are preferred and used to give an exclusive premium look to the packaging, so brands that care about a good user experience opt for the packaging boxes. With such unique packaging, brands can also increase their awareness, resulting in increased sales, thus, more profits.

How to Design Effective Boxes?

When we talk about customized boxes, it is always the top priority of brands to get the most unique and distinct metalized boxes for their brand to be the different ones in this sea of competition. And if you are a brand trying o get these boxes in 2021, here is how you can design the most effective boxes that will surely benefit your brand.

Design Tips to Make Effective Boxes

Customized images and patterns are one of the most effective ways of attracting onlookers. In customized packaging, you get exclusivity in terms of size, shape, artwork, color patterns, and logo as per your brand/campaign needs. These patterns could be:

  • Stripes
  • Polka Dots
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Freestyle Shapes
  • Linear Art

Or basically, any other pattern that you can want.

Keep Your Design Simple

You might hear of the maxim that simplicity is the best and less is more, and this sits nicely in designing customized boxes as simplicity could answer your unique packaging needs. When creating personalized boxes, it is suggested not to overburden the onlooker or target audience with many visuals. Try making neat, well-organized, and uncluttered designs.

When it comes to product packaging in metalized boxes, it is highly suggested to go for unique customized boxes that complement your products’ size, shape, and manufacturing material. This will cost you fewer materials and lesser printing costs, which can result in an additional saving. So this strategy could also work as a double-winning situation.

Also, avoid presenting your products in boring packaging when you choose to package them in unique custom boxes, be creative because you should not mix up being simple and boring together.

Considering the Overall User Experience

It is imperative to consider the overall experience that your customers will get from your packaging. As it is crucial to make the customers feel special if we want to make them permanent.

Adding some exciting detail or a little glamor could help you with that. You can use different light papers like brown paper or tissue paper to add layers, making the unboxing experience more fun and exciting.

A recent survey proved that almost 40 percent of customers order again from a brand, which creates an effective first impression. A box tailored with unique add ons and customized packaging world-class packaging varnishes, window patching, striking images, and artwork make users feel special. The user gets a product that is so effectively packaged that its creation feels like a premium gift.

Complementing the Products

A brand needs to know what it is selling to make a successful box. It is an excellent practice to make the packaging that reflects your vision and your product.

For instance, if you are promoting a green, all-natural product, you should go for a cleaner, more natural-looking packaging rather than plastics or other catchy graphics.

This helps create a connection between the product and the packaging, which separates it from the rest of the similar products, as it, not just a product and a packaging but a whole experience now.

Make the Packaging Fun

Customers appreciate a little fun in their boxes, and they look for custom packaging that could be interesting and fun to have. You can add hidden features or small fun pockets or notes to make your boxes more exciting and, thus, more preferred.

Metalized boxes have many advantages, so most brands for their products prefer them. The box could be premium and catchy at the same time.

Consider gold foil metalized boxes. These could be used to give an attractive, expensive look to the box and can be used to package gifts as well.

So don’t be shy, of being the different one.

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Use your creativity and put it out on these boxes. Get creative with your designs, you can also implement the tips mentioned earlier to support your designs, and most likely, you will get an extra push to take your brand to the next level!


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