How to Become an Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician
Emergency Medical Technician

Some careers are quite noble because they are based on helping others. one career considered noble today is being an emergency medical technician. This career is based on being there for people in times of emergency. To become an EMT, you need to be well-trained as you handle people at their most vulnerable times. This is because most injuries are usually aggravated by people around who aren’t trained. Here’s how you can become an emergency medical technician.


The first thing about EMTs is that they don’t need a degree to get the job, you can take a few Brisbane first aid courses, and probably land the job. All they need to get trained is a high school diploma. If you don’t have that, you can’t get any form of training to be an EMT. You may need to get a GED to get trained as an emergency medical technician if you missed out on getting a High School diploma. GED is the General Education Development examination. Get either of the two, and you are set on your way to being an EMT. This is the first and major step to get into any EMT training institution.


You need to get a CPR certificate now before you get any form of training as an EMT. It is usually a requirement for entry into most programs. And you can either get one from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. The good thing about this certificate is that you can even get on through online classes. Locally based training programs are also accepted; you don’t have to go far to get this certificate to join a training program.

EMT Program

After you have the CPR certificate, you now need to get to an EMT program. You will have to go through a state-approved education program to be considered for certification as an EMT. You will have to go through the Commissioner on the Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program website to find an accredited EMT program. Most of these programs are offered by community colleges, technical schools, and emergency care training facilities. 

Cognitive Exams

Before being considered an EMT, you must get through a National Registry Emergency Medical Technical cognitive exam. This is mainly an adaptive computer exam that is between 60 to 100 questions. Some of the topics covered by the exam are respiration, cardiology, airways, cardiology, and resuscitation; trauma, obstetrics, and gynecology; medical care, etc. You will have two hours to finish the exam, and you need to get at least 70 points to pass.

Pass Psychomotor Exams

Also, before you get down to the job, there are individual states’ emergency management services. These exams are offered at local training facilities or the emergency medical management services office. The exam is to figure out if you possess various emergency skills.

This will include patient assessment, caring for bone fractures, immobilizing spines, controlling bleeding, and so on.

Emergency Medical Technician

Before you are certified as an EMT, you need to go through several levels of training. They are primarily state-based training and extermination, and you need to meet the bare minimum to get the certificate.


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