How to become a session drummer

session drummer

A varied skill set, an open mind, strong interpersonal skills, and a lot of perseverance are all required to be a session drummer. A session drummer is a musician-for-hire who performs for musicians, composers, and bands on an assignment or agreement basis. Session work can range from a private tour with a performer to putting down the rhythms in a theatre for a particular track. They are self-employed, and their compensation is determined by their reputation, performance schedule, and degree of expertise. Every drummer, like any other artist, aspires to be a megastar and travel with a group while performing in large arenas. Students can gain all the required expertise by opting for courses from the London school of music or other prestigious colleges worldwide. 

Becoming a session drummer requires practice and expertise to go through all the live, recording, and other kinds of music sessions. Well, anyway, this all leads me to some of the basic things that can help you in establishing yourself as a professional session drummer:

  • Be capable of playing along with a click tune or a metronome: Every drummer must be able to play along with a click track or metronome also known as consistent tempo. This is especially true in the case of session drummers. To maintain the tune in the studio, you’ll almost certainly need to configure to a metronome. Click-tracks are being used by an increasing number of musicians on stage, notably pop and techno performers. There’s no justification for a drummer who can’t play to a metronome. If you believe this is an area where you need to improve, get started right away.
  • Understand a variety of genres and playstyles: As a drummer, and as an artist in general, you must strive towards a well-rounded level of expertise. Whatever route you choose, you should aim to have a thorough understanding of drum theory and skills. Mastering the intricacies of many genres and forms of music, as well as the rhythmic peculiarities of each type with which you want to work, and the ability to adapt on occasion, are all part of this. If you have good sight-reading skills, you may greatly broaden the reach of your job.
  • Play with Care: It’s all about drumming with care. A competent drummer may be identified by the way he or she builds the track’s rhythmic underpinning with control and refinement. A competent session drummer appreciates and exemplifies the composer’s creative vision. You’ve already captivated whoever needs to be charmed, which is why you’ve been called into the recording session to record drum tracks. Session performance is not the time to show off your abilities merely to make a good impression. Play for the sake of the song, not to overpower the performer.
  • Improvisational Performance: You’ll work in a variety of studios, genres, and styles as a vibe session drummer. You’ll also be working with a wide range of celebrities. You should really be able to offer something appealing and substantial in response to an artist’s directions.

So, if you are interested in becoming a session drummer, you must start by aligning up for the course now!


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