How to Avoid Stress in Testing Times

Avoid Stress

We know that a healthy mind and body are essential to age with grace. Lack of mental work weakens our neural connection, the same way a sedentary lifestyle adversely affects our body. Hence, brain exercises are a crucial part of our daily routine. The book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Healthy Life by Hector Gracia discusses various ways in which one can reduce stress. 

Release the Stress

Doctors say an important reason for losing brain flexibility in adults is they let themselves trapped in patterns, refusing to try out new activities. Another secret to longevity is avoiding stress. Stressors produce undue wear and tear on the body and mind. It wreaks havoc on emotional equilibrium and physical health. Reducing stress is key to living a long life. Effective stress management helps break the hold stress has on our life. 

Stress can be managed in several pleasant ways. Just practicing mindfulness, doing yoga, or taking time to exercise, all prove to be powerful in relaxing the brain. But when it comes to chronic stress, serious measures must be taken to prevent future complications. It starts with identifying the sources of stress in life. Well, it can be trickier than it seems to be. Identifying stressors and pinpointing them can be more complicated. 

Let your Stress Fly Away

Take a beat, a few deep breaths, explore yourself, and make a list of effective stress-reduction techniques. Our surroundings have a large influence on how our thoughts process in our brain. It is simple to ensure that you are in a healthy environment.

Allow light and air into the room by opening shades and flooding it with light. Fresh flowers will enhance the quality of the air we breathe and help to relax our minds. This can also spark creativity, freeing our minds from their monotonous routines.

Planting teaches us to be responsible for the things that are important to us, which makes us feel more connected. Taking care of ourselves, in addition to our personal belongings, should not be overlooked. Being outside, especially in green spaces, helps to reduce stress by increasing the level of oxygen in the blood. 

Physical activities have been shown to release endorphins, which are natural painkillers that can help us sleep better, reduce stress, and improve our focus, thinking, and memory. 

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Healthy Life describes how these activities, when combined with healthy eating habits, are effective at relaxing the brain and relieving stress. One of the most important things to remember when engaging in such activities is to be fully present in the moment. According to research, regular mindfulness practice can activate stress-relieving hormones.

Try Out the Japanese Therapy Morticia 

Morticia therapy, a type of intensive Japanese therapy, aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety. People in this therapy are asked to pay attention to their feelings and accept them without attempting to change them. “There is nothing in life that you cannot get through, one breath at a time,” many books have also said.

At its core, the book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Healthy Life emphasizes how much better it is to be annoyingly positive and optimistic than destructively negative and hateful. You are a product of your surroundings. It’s rather foolish to choose thoughts that will cause problems and pain. It’s the same as eating food that makes you sick. 

We may do this once or twice, but once we learn which foods upset our bodies, we avoid them. The same is true of stress. Happiness entails living a rich, full, and meaningful life, which entails accepting and embracing painful warts and avoiding stress.

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