How to Apply for Business in Dubai – Trade License In Dubai

How to Apply for Business in Dubai - Trade License In Dubai

A series of procedures and rules must be followed to acquire this license to trade. Any businessman looking forward to beginning a commercial activity in Dubai must first have an Islamic Business License. If you are involved in multiple trading activities in different or at the same industries, you need to acquire a separate general commercial license. The rates of license are different depending upon the type of industry you are into. The licenses are renewable every four years.

Before applying for a Dubai trade license, you have to follow certain formalities and norms. The first step is to apply for a business permit. This can do through any Dubai government office. You also have the option of submitting your application through email. If your business is registered in Dubai, the Commercial Registration Commission will issue a business permit.

Application submitted, you will receive a confirmation about your registration and status. The next step is to go to the designated Dubai emirate’s foreign trade department and apply for a Dubai national identification number or visa for the business owner. You are produce proof of residence and identity of the business entity.

The third step involved in getting a Dubai trade license is registering the business entity at the Commercial Registry. This is the last step before it reaches the approval of the government. The procedure is effortless. However, the process can get pretty complicated if your business is large or spans several countries.

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When you decide to open a business license in Dubai, you will first have to get proof of registration. This can obtained from the Commercial Registry of the Ministry of Commerce. Once you have received these requirements, you should visit the Dubai Ministry of Trade and Industry to register the company. You should also visit the Dubai Interior Ministry’s website to register the business. Upon submission of the registration, your company will receive its trading licenses.

Each of the Dubai government departments requires different types of documents and registration fees. For example, you will need to pay an administration fee for the registration of your business. You may also have to pay an import/export duty on all goods entering or leaving the country. The burden on food and items manufactured for personal consumption is 10 percent. The Dubai Ministry of trade and industry website will provide more detailed information on their fees and documentation requirements.

After documentation received, you will need to submit them for processing. You may need to apply for a visa for your application process to continue. The Dubai foreign exchange market and the Dubai stock market are generally free of charge. When you approved visa, you will still need to pay a registration fee for the commercial entity certificate. Once you have obtained a certificate, you will open a trade license for your new business.

Obtaining a trade license in Dubai is relatively quick and simple. Many companies are available to assist you throughout the application process. With the advent of the internet, you can easily find what you need online. Dubai tourism agencies can also help you find the perfect business set up with a trade license in Dubai.

Renewal of Trade License

When business developed, you may have questions about your end-of-tenancy contract. A typical lot or tenancy contract contains sections that address money, rights of termination, and other pertinent details. These sections will differ from country to country. If you are unsure about any sections of your end-of-tenancy contract in Dubai, you should contact a qualified attorney who specializes in the area of immigration and work. He or she will be able to review your agreement and answer any questions you might have.

Once you have completed your business setup and obtained your end or tenancy contract, you must pay the appropriate registration fees. These fees will vary from Dubai government authorities. Documentation requirements have been completed and approved, you will receive your trade license in Dubai. It is important to note that the Dubai government requires new businesses to obtain a business license to start trading as soon as possible.

Trade licenses in Dubai are not only issued for newly established businesses. Trade permits are also available for individuals who plan to open new businesses or take advantage of opportunities currently offered by the emirate. The price and registration fees mentioned here indicate the amount of investment needed to obtain a commercial license in Dubai. However, it should note that the prices mentioned here are for a basic level of commercial licenses. The exact requirements for obtaining a professional license or industrial license will depend on the type of trading you plan to do in Dubai.


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