How Many Districts in Assam

How Many Districts in Assam

How Many Districts in Assam : There are currently 32 districts in Assam. The newest additions are the new districts of Biswanath, Hailakandi, Nagaon, and West Karbi Anglong. These new districts join the ones that already exist, including Karimganj, Sibsagar, and Dhubri.

How Many Districts in Assam ( Updated List )


Karimganj is one of the many Assam districts, located in the northeast of India. It is comprised of 5 blocks with a total area of 1,809 square kilometers and contains 936 villages. The district headquarters are located in Karimganj. To know How Many Districts in Assam for your upcoming exams you need to prepare the updated list from state council.

The district is well-connected by road. Direct day and night services from Guwahati and Agartala provide easy access to this district. Various other modes of transport are available as well. During earlier days, rail communication was the most preferred mode of communication.

Karimganj is located on the border of Bangladesh and India. This district is home to one of the many lakes in Assam, including the Suna and Rata lakes. The district is bordered by the Barak river and the Kushiara river. The main rivers that flow through the district include the Longai and Shingla rivers and a number of lakes. The district is home to the largest town, Karimganj.

how many district in assam

Before the formation of the State of Bangladesh, the district was part of the Sylhet district. During this time, the Karimganj sub-division was home to the headquarters of the freedom movement in Assam. The Chargola exodus also originated in the region. In 1947, the area was transferred to East Pakistan. The district was further divided into three-and-a-half thana areas, which were added to the Cachar district.


How Many Districts in Assam are there : Hailakandi is one of the oldest subdivisions in Assam, formed on 1 June 1869. It was upgraded to district status in 1989 after separating from Cachar district. The name of the district is derived from the Sylheti word “Hailakundi”.

Before the British arrived in India, this region was only connected by waterway. However, the British rulers established numerous tea gardens and linked the district with the railway line. Later on, road communication was established. During the independence movement, Hailakandi played a significant role, especially during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. Hailakandi’s leaders were among those who fought the British soldiers at Ron Tila.

The Deputy Commissioner is in charge of overall development of the district. He supervises different schemes and programmes, including the MPLAD (MP’s Local Area Development Fund), the MLA’s Fund (MLA’s Fund), and the Subdivision Plan Scheme Fund (SPS).


The state of Assam is divided into several districts. One of these districts is Nagaon. It has a population of approximately 1,570,000. It is located in the far northeast of the state. As of 2011, there are four Urban Local Bodies in Nagaon. Each of these bodies is comprised of several wards.

Nagaon district is located in Assam and is the second most populous district in the state. Its eponymous town lies on the banks of River Kolong, which is the lifeline of the district. This river also provides a natural outlet for storm water. The town of Nagaon is located 123 km east of the city of Dispur. The town is well connected to other urban areas. For the question How Many Districts in Assam is very important if you are preparing your job in north east india.

Nagaon is part of the Nowgong Lok Sabha constituency, which is represented by Rupak Sarmah and Pradyut Bordoloi. Modern education was introduced in the district by Christian missionaries in the nineteenth century. The district has been home to some notable Assamese intellectuals, including Anandaram Dhekial Phukan, who wrote some of the country’s most famous works.

Tourists can enjoy some outdoor activities in Nagaon. The town is home to several ancient temples. Two of the most famous temples in the region are the Bharali Namaghar and the Borowa Namaghar. If you are interested in visiting Assamese gold plated temples, then the Ranthali temple is worth a visit.

Nagaon is located on the south bank of the Brahmaputra river. It is located between 91deg50° and 93deg20° east. The district is bordered by the districts of Dima Hasao and Golaghat. Its railway station is Grade D, and there are six trains every day that go through Nagaon.


The Sibsagar district is divided into several sub-districts. The district was once undivided. In 1983, the Golaghat sub-division was declared as a separate district. Today, the district has three sub-districts. The main reason for How Many Districts in Assam is always a question as the number of districts keeps changing.

The district’s administrative headquarters is located in Lumding. There are several ways to get to Sibsagar, including by train. There are several major rail way stations in the district, including Amguri Junction, Bhojo, and Sibsagar Town. There are also buses that travel from the major cities to the towns in the district.

There are several historic sites in the region. For example, King Lakshmi Singha built the Rudrasagar Tank in 1773 in memory of his father. Sivasagar is known as an important tea and oil producing center, with an ideal climate for tea plantations.

The population of Sibsagar, Assam is 50,781 according to the 2011 census. Its male population is 26,925, and its female population is 23,856. The population of Sivasagar represents 0.17 percent of the entire state of Assam.

The major local population is associated with agriculture. The area is also home to a number of tribal villages. Several of these communities have a rich tradition in health care. Assam is a region that offers a lot of unique natural resources and ancient indigenous knowledge.


Tamulpur is one of the many districts of Assam, India. It is a sub-division of Baksa district and currently is administered by the Baksa Tribal Council. If it were to be a separate district, it would have its administrative headquarters in Tamulpur. The district would consist of the entire area of the Tamulpur civil sub-division.

Tamulpur is a town located in Baksa district in Assam, India. There are 163 villages in the Tamulpur block, and the sex ratio is 965 females for every 1000 males. The district is home to several important institutions, including a government college that offers Science and Arts courses. It also has a sports stadium and a medical college. For you to know How Many Districts in Assam is not easy if you are not someone who dont read current affairs.

The state has a total of 27 districts. On 15 August 2015, five new districts were created in Assam. These are Biswanath, Charaideo, Hojai, and South Salmara-Mankachar. On 27 June 2016, West Karbi Anglong was also declared a district. It is Assam’s largest district, and is home to the capital city of Agartala.

Tamulpur is home to a diverse population. The town of Tamulpur has a population of 152,851, of which 86,254 are males. Its largest industry is farming, and over 18% of the population depends on it.

The city of Tamulpur is located in the Baksa district of Assam. There are several towns and villages in Tamulpur. The most populous is Nonke Angarkata, while the least populated is Mezguri. The Tamulpur administrative devision includes the Tamulpur circle.


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