Google Assistant to get new features; will soon be able to pronounce names correctly


Google has announced the launch of various new features to its voice-based assistant that will be rolling out in the coming days. One of the features coming to Google Assistant will allow you to teach the Assistant to say your name correctly.

You will be able to tell Google Assistant exactly how to pronounce your name. The Assistant will also understand the person you are referring to when you say their name out loud. The feature is set to start rolling out soon. Google has reassured that it will not keep any recording of your voice, so there is nothing to worry about in that regard. The feature will first be available in English and will support other languages in the near future.

“Names matter, and it’s frustrating when you’re trying to send a text or make a call and Google Assistant mispronounces or simply doesn’t recognise a contact. We want Assistant to accurately recognize and pronounce people’s names as often as possible, especially those that are less common.” Google said in its latest blog post explaining why names are important.

Google Assistant will also get a new feature that will allow the platform to understand the context of a conversation better. The company explained the importance of context when a user is conversing with Google Assistant. Google stated that it has rebuilt Google Assistant’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) so the platform can easily understand what you are trying to accomplish with a command.

The Assistant supports Google’s home-grown technology known as BERT. This allows Google to process words in relation to the other words in a sentence instead of going through these words one by one. The improvements are said to allow Google Assistant to respond to your requests to set alarms and timers with almost a 100% accuracy rate. The company also plans on offering near-perfect accuracy with other Assistant-related tasks.

BERT will also allow the Assistant to engage in natural back-and-forth conversations with the user. This is because Google Assistant will remember your previous interactions and will be able to understand what is typed on your smartphone or smart display screen.

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