Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Appearing for the UGC NET Exam

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Appearing for the UGC NET Exam

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the University Grant Commission’s NET (National Eligibility Test). This examination is for candidates interested in pursuing Junior Research Fellowships and/or Assistant Professorships at various Indian Universities and Colleges. NET is held twice a year, once in June and once in December. You can find any detail regarding the exam whether it’s the UGC NET Hindi syllabus, previous years’ papers or qualification criteria for the upcoming exam on the official website of UGC-NET.

You may have been advised to appear in NET if you have a Master’s degree in Humanities or Social Science. Even though cracking the NET exam is difficult, those who clear the UGC NET cut-off receive numerous benefits. Read on to know why you should appear for the exam.

Increase Promotion Chances

If you already have a job or are conducting research on an ongoing project, chances are you are not getting recognised for not only your skills but also your passion for it. Clearing the UGC NET examinations can assist you to gain access to your superiors and gaining their attention. This certification serves as proof that you are qualified for the position.

Your employers will not only present you with prospects for advancement, but you will also gain a greater income and newfound respect from coworkers. Given how tough it is to achieve, it is not uncommon for employees to clash about it. A UGC NET certification will get you out of there and put you in touch with the right people.

Join a PSU

If a position as a researcher or academic professor does not appeal to you. In that scenario, it’s just great because you can still participate as a desired position in any of the public sector endeavours. There are numerous chances in PSUs that you might easily earn as a UGC NET certification holder. Because PSUs have direct access to NET scores, shortlisting candidates is much quicker, and your responses will be quick as well. There are also distinct UGC job portals where anyone with a certificate can look for work.

Increase in Employment Value

Since acquiring a certificate is all about establishing your professional worth and climbing the corporate ladder, obtaining a UGC NET certificate would add significant value to your portfolio abilities and knowledge on a variety of themes. This allows you to acquire several possibilities from a variety of sources, such as PSUs, high-end research facilities, academic institutions, and universities, among others.

Join a JRF Fellowship

If you pass the UGC NET exam, you will be eligible for a position in the Junior Research Fellowship. For the first two years of your fellowship, you will receive a scholarship stipend of INR 31,000. Following that, your stipend would be increased to INR 35,000 for the balance of your stay. In addition, based on the rules established by your university, you will earn both the contingency amount and the HRA stipend.

Become an Assistant Professor

By far the most popular career among UGC NET diploma holders. If you want to influence aspiring students to think bigger and dream bigger, or if you want to help shape the foundations for their future, becoming an assistant professor could be the perfect fit for you. It’s a reputable profession, with salaries ranging from INR 25,000 to INR 40,000 on average. Furthermore, becoming a professor in a specific field qualifies you as a subject matter expert, which increases your credibility among your peers, students, and anyone outside of those circles.


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