Feast on a Table Full Of Gratitude during Thanksgiving

Feast on a Table Full Of Gratitude during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the most awaited and celebrated holiday in the United States and Canada. The feast was first celebrated in 1621 when the first harvest was shared between the English colonists and the Wampanoag people. It was created to celebrate a time of abundance and good tidings received for the past year. It was also the time devoted to prayers for safe journeys and during the early times for military victories.

Celebrated with classic decorations and the traditional menu to match, this holiday has been handed down from generation to generation.  

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated every 4th Thursday in November, and in Canada, it is celebrated every second Monday of October. To date, it remains to be the busiest time of the year as it is the time for family reunions. Food served during this holiday is mostly turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pies.

This merrymaking would not be complete without the proper table décor that speaks of the event’s meaning. Here are some essential table décor ideas for the celebration.

Decorate with Pumpkins

When preparing Thanksgiving table décor, have you thought about using pumpkins too?

Pumpkins are a food of choice because of tradition. It is harvested at just about the same time as the Thanksgiving celebration. Pumpkins come in many shapes, sizes, and colors making them an aesthetically sensible décor for your table.

Traditionally, pumpkins have been considered a symbol of life and the power of man by the Native Americans. They had been harvesting pumpkins for the last 9,000 years.

You can also always opt for a DIY pumpkin table vase. You need to buy a pumpkin orange enough to warm your table and then remove the stem. Scoop out all the seeds and clean the insides. You can opt to use a florist foam soaked in water and then place it inside the pumpkin. You can choose the flowers to stick in the foam. That’s how easy it is to have a centerpiece.

Autumn Cornucopia Table Decorations

This horn-shaped basket dates back to the Ancient Greeks who believed it to be a goat’s horn. As a sign of reverence, the goat offered it to Zeus the God of Thunder and Sky. Zeus was so pleased with the offering he placed the horn in the sky, now known as the constellation of Capricorn. The horn basket is now considered a symbol of gratitude and offering now being practiced during the Thanksgiving celebration.

This horn of plenty is delightful on every Thanksgiving table and must be filled with the harvest of your choice.

Red Napkins for Thanksgiving Table

A romantic thanksgiving table setting is not such a bad idea during this autumn celebration. You can choose to have red napkins and experiment with folding these on top of the plates. Use white plates to go with your red napkins.

Unique is the Way to Go

The festivity does not ask for lavish decorations. One can always come up with a unique décor commemorating the celebration. You can look to nature for your best options for decorative ideas.

Cranberries on the Table

Historically, cranberries were used by the early American Indians as food, dye fabrics, and medicine. Due to the importance of cranberries and their abundance during the 1500s, it is believed that they are part of the first Thanksgiving meal.

Being a symbol of thanksgiving does not end with putting cranberries as part of the meal but can also be an alternative way to decorate the table. Whether you use the branches or the fruit, their color reflects the celebration of autumn that represents the festivity.

Green and White Table Setting

While green may not popularly be known as the color of autumn, it is still reflective of nature which is the basic concept behind every Thanksgiving table setting. Thus, one can use white and green, along with twigs and pumpkins, to create a table worthy of the celebration.

Personalized Thanksgiving Table Setting

A Thanksgiving dinner table is not just about thanksgiving. It is about one’s expression of gratitude for all the blessings received. Putting gifts with a handwritten note of gratitude will increase the value of gratitude you put in the meal and the table décor.

Candles for a Cozier Atmosphere

Candles are used to add warmth to the festivity of gratitude and blessings. Whether they are used as a centerpiece or mix them with the other decors in your table, they produce the same kind of effect that livens up your Thanksgiving dinner.

Of Pine Cones and Nuts

Nature, harvests, warmth, and gratitude should be felt in every Thanksgiving table décor. The value of picking nature-inspired items to complete the dinner table is as important as the meal presented. As such, it is important to fill in open spaces with pinecones and nuts to bring in the colors of autumn into the setting.


Thanksgiving is, in itself, a celebration worthy of preparation. But the most crucial part is that you enjoy the process of preparing this table filled with gratitude and abundance. That is truly an expression of thanksgiving.


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