Earnity’s Dan Schatt Explains Why Crypto Education Matters

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For Earnity CEO Dan Schatt, the importance of crypto education cannot be understated. With the advent of digital currencies, a new asset class has been created that is unlike anything that has come before it. Because of this, it is essential for global users and those curious about the space to educate themselves on the basics of crypto.

It is integral for people to start learning about cryptocurrency as this is the future of finance. While traditional means will still exist, becoming proficient in innovation and brand-new financial developments won’t hurt. When learning about new concepts and fields, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. As a result, some people refuse to learn. Earnity, a social-first crypto platform and marketplace, exists to educate users on how to buy, sell, swap, transfer, access, hold, and manage virtual assets.

Cryptocurrency and other virtual assets have developed a paradigm shift in the way people perceive their finances. It is no longer about blindly trusting centralized institutions. With virtual assets, users have full control over their finances and can transact with anyone in the world without intermediaries. Blockchain technology makes the trustless system possible, enabling transparent and immutable transactions.

Adults aren’t the only ones who are supposed to learn about cryptocurrency. It’s integral for parents and teachers to educate kids on the subject matter. In a world where digital assets are becoming more and more prevalent, the next generation needs to be well-versed in the topic. After all, they will be the ones using it in their daily lives.

According to CEO Dan Schatt, Earnity is a community-based crypto platform and marketplace curated to help users of different levels buy, sell, earn, and learn about virtual currency effortlessly and instinctively. Getting a crypto education doesn’t necessarily mean graduating with a degree in cryptography. It simply means getting the right information and proper knowledge to become effective and efficient.


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