DrChrono Software Demo – 5 Features to Keep In Mind!

DrChrono Software Demo

What Does An EHR Do?

An EHR is short for an electronic health record. This is a tool utilized by most modern clinics and practices across the world to manage their patient records. One such EHR software available to the market and at the top of its game is DrChrono.

Since you are reading this article, you might be on the lookout to take on a DrChrono software demo. We’ve summarized all of the top features so during the demo you can experience them to the fullest and learn the extent of what the software has to offer. 

About DrChrono EHR

DrChrono started out in 2009, by two creators who found themselves less than happy with the paper-based healthcare system. In order to smoothen out the process of receiving difficult diagnoses, they decided on the creation of a system that would take away from the administrative trouble clinics were prone to at the time.

They decided to create systems that allowed clinics to provide care without having to deal with the heavy legwork of documenting clinical cases. This lead to the creation of the software DrChrono which aims to provide clinics with tools to effectively manage patient healthcare in a smooth way.

The best thing is, the way that DrChrono provides care is a win for both doctors and their patients. The cloud-based, portable software is the perfect addition to any clinic and is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for issues in the healthcare industry. 

DrChrono Features to Look Out For

When you’re getting the DrChrono software demo, here are the best features you’ll need to keep in mind as you decide if it is the right software for you. 

It’s Remotely Accessible

One of the most standout features of DrChrono is that it is fully mobile and portable software. This means that your doctors don’t have to spend long hours at the clinic if they want to get their work done. They can manage appointments, prescribe medications, and even check out their patient’s lab results on the go.

DrChrono is available to use from the iPad, the iPhone, and Apple Watch, making it a remotely accessible app for practitioners. This is an even more standout quality considering the current status of the coronavirus pandemic, which has changed the way work happens, especially in clinical settings at the frontline of the battle against COVID-19.

Get Work Done Faster

DrChrono helps speed up the work done at practices by offering solutions that are built to be efficient. If you’re looking to build swift templates to quicken processes at the clinic, the feature is available on DrChrono. While you’re taking the DrChrono software demo you’ll see that if you want to navigate through a library and find already existing templates, you also have that option available!

Finally, you can even reach out to the team and ask them to build you the templates you need. Having the right tools allows you to create a deeper bond with patients instead of inscribing on paper during the entire visit. 

Connect With Patients Faster

One of the most difficult processes to streamline at clinics is the onboarding system. Typically, clinics will rely on paper forms that are then entered into the record database. DrChrono automates this ordeal using automated and modern tools. 

When patients visit the clinic, they can fill out their information online using a portal. The best part is, this allows you to have all necessary information when doctors interact with patients, meaning there’s less time spent on gathering information that patients can already disclose. 

As you’ll see while you receive your DrChrono software demo, you can also use the portal to interact with patients, share pertinent data, and fulfill refill prescription requests. 

Customer Feedback That Works

Businesses that start working with DrChrono also get access to a channel to provide feedback. This feedback is accessible by other users. And offers them the chance to vote on features that they would like to see changed. 

The team members at DrChrono will then periodically go back. And review what feedback options are receiving the most votes from clients. And work to incorporate that feedback within the software. 

Work Completely Paperless

In the eco-friendly and sustainable world that we are trying to create today, healthcare systems have a huge role to play. This is why DrChrono is truly a paperless solution that does anyway with unnecessary. And bulky patient files and replaces them. With smooth and secure online solutions that just work.

Important information can easily be uploaded to the HIPAA compliant system. Allowing you to place data in a place where it can be kept accessible. And safe while providing your clinic with a boost in productivity. 

Is DrChrono Worth It?

At the end of the day, when you are on your way to taking the DrChrono software demo. You will be thinking about whether or not DrChrono is the right software for you and your practice. While we cannot make a decision for you. We can recommend checking out reviews to get a clearer picture of whether this is a good fit for your practice.



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