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Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status Check Now

Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status

 Dodla Dairy Limited, a public limited corporation established in Telangana. Production began in 1997 after the company was created in 1995. It is a South Indian dairy cooperative tasked with obtaining, handling, disseminating, and advertising milk and other dairy products. It produces and distributes standardized, conditioned, and twice conditioned milk, as well as curd, spread, ghee, frozen yoghurt, seasoned milk, and other dairy products. Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status will be made available soon for better updates keep visiting.

Dodla dairy IPO

The Dodla Dairy IPO (Initial Public Offering) is now up for a subscription and will be open for bidding until June 18th, 2021. Dodla Dairy IPO price band is set at $421 to $428, according to the integrated dairy company. Experts believe that a reasonable issue price and small issue size will enable the stock to obtain a good response and perform well on its first public offering. Dodla Dairy shares are quoted at an 80 per cent premium in the grey market, indicating a good listing for the public offering.

First and foremost, let us learn everything there is to know about Doddla Dairy’s initial public offering.

  1. The price range for Dodla Dairy’s first public offering

For its public offering, the company has established a price range of $421 to $428.

  • Allotment

Dodla Dairy’s initial public offering is scheduled for June 23, 2021. The refund procedure will commence on June 24th, and allottees Demat Accounts will be reimbursed with shares on June 25th, 2021.

3. Dodla Dairy’s initial public offering (IPO) date

On June 28, 2021, the Dodla Dairy IPO will go public.4

  • Listing platforms

The NSE (National Stock Exchange) and the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) will both list the Dodla Dairy IPO (Bombay Stock Exchange).

  • Lot Size

The lot size for the Dodla Dairy IPO is 35 shares, which means that each bidder must apply for at least 35 Dodla Dairy shares. One bidder can apply for up to 455 company shares because each bidder can apply for up to 13 lots.

  • Expert opinion about it

The market analyst, who specialises in pre-IPO and unlisted shares, went on to say that the low issue price and modest issue size should help the stock get a good response and perform well on its debut. Advising initial public offering (IPO) investors to subscribe “Considering FY 21 annualised EPS of 26.08 on a post-issue basis, the business is going to list at 16.41X with a market cap of 25,463 million,” said Saurabh Joshi, Research Analyst at Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd.

  • Issue type

The public issue of Dodla Dairy is a bookbuild issue having a face value of $10 per share.

  •  IPO investment limit

Because a bidder can bid for a minimum of one lot and a maximum of 13 lots, each lot containing 35 company shares, a bidder can invest as little as $14,980 ( 428 X 35) and as much as $1,94,740 ( 428 X 428) in the IPO.


Dodla Sunil Reddy, Dodla Sesha Reddy, and Dodla Family Trust are the promoters of the Dodla Dairy Company. The promoter held a 68.52 per cent stake in the company before the IPO. Following the IPO, the promoters would own 64.17 per cent of the company. Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status

The company’s top executives are:

  1. Axis Capital Limited
  2.  ICICI Securities Limited

Objectives of Dodla Dairy IPO

  1. The firm’s capital requirements are rapidly diminishing. The proceeds from the first public offering will be used to meet the company’s financing needs. Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status
  2. The proceeds from the IPO might be used for a variety of objectives within the company.

The corporation wants to pay off its debts while also having enough cash on hand to make creditor prepayments. The funds raised from the initial public offering (IPO) will be used to do this.

The IPO status of Dodla Dairy

Around June 23, the Dodla IPO’s allotment status will be determined.

View Your Allotment’s Current Status

Methods to check the status of your allotment:

Method 1

Groww allows you to track your allotment status.

If you applied for this IPO, using Groww, you can check your status once the allotment status is finalised.

The procedure is as follows: –

Step 1: Go to the IPOs area of the Groww App’s webpage.

Step 2: Select Initial Public Offerings from the drop-down menu. On the following page, click the ‘Status’ link next to the Dodla IPO (or any other IPO you had applied for).

 If you haven’t applied for the IPO, the status tab will be unavailable.

Step 3: If you’ve obtained an allocation from the IPO, your application number will be marked as “Allotted.” If not, the status will be updated to ‘Rejected.’ Until the allotment is finalised, it will show as ‘Approved.’

Until the UPI mandate reaches you and is accepted, the status will remain “Requested.”

Method 2

 On Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

On BSE, you can check the status of your allotment.

Step 1: To verify their IPO allotment status on the BSE, investors may go to this link: https://www.bseindia.com/investors/appli check. asp.

Step 2: Next, choose ‘Equity’ from the dropdown menu and then ‘Dodla Dairy Ltd.’ from the issue name selection.

Step 3: After that, provide your application number as well as the number on your PAN card.

Step 4: Click the “Search” button after you’ve done all of the previous steps.

Method 3 Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status

 Registrar’s Website Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status

On the Registrar’s website, you can look up your allocation status.

 The Registrar for this offering is KFintech Private Ltd.

Step 1: On the IPO status page of the website, look for the “Select Menu” drop-down menu.

Step 2. Select the IPO allotment status you’d want to track.

Step 3. Choose between Application Number, DPID/Client ID, or PAN as your identity.

Step 4. Choose an application type. You can pick ASBA or NON-ASBA and then input the application number if you chose the Application Number in step 3.

Step 4. If you chose DPID/Client ID, enter the DPID and Client ID.

 Enter the PAN number if you selected PAN.

Step 5. Complete the captcha code.

Step 6. Click “Submit” to get a report on your IPO allotment status.

Method 4

Kprism app

The status of the Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment link on the Kprism app is as follows: Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status

Step 1. PRISM, a smartphone or tablet app developed by Kevin Technologies Pvt Ltd (the IPO’s Registrar), can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Kevin Tech’s KPRISM app is available for download.

Step 2. Choose an IPO Status (No need to do log in or register to check IPO allotment)

Step 3. Choose Dodla Dairy IPO from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. After inputting the Application Number, DPID Client ID, or PAN, click Submit.

Step 5. The allotment status of the Dodla Dairy IPO, as well as the number of shares allotted, will be announced soon.

IPO Risk for Dodla Dairy

Farmers are not obligated to provide their milk to Dodla because they do not have legal paperwork, and they may instead sell it to competitors. They buy raw milk from 13 manufacturing plants in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka Dodla Dairy IPO Allotment status. In Fiscal 2020, the sale of milk and dairy-based VAPs in southern India accounted for approximately 98.75 per cent of total revenue, totalling Rs 19,542.35, million. They have already breached the terms of a term loan deal with Standard Chartered Bank.



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