Discuss about the feature of smart reply of Gmail

smart reply of Gmail

Gmail has passed its 17years and in this short time, there are unlimited features of Gmail, those are offered by Gmail. The head of all these features of Gmail is Google, because Google is the creator of Gmail. So, Gmail has about all those features which are included in Google accounts. However, if we discuss about some important features of Gmail, then smart reply comes first. Because no one will want to waste time in these days. Because Time is the most important thing in these days and more numbers of people prefer to expense lot on money while saving time. But you can save your time as much as you want through smart reply of Gmail.

How to enable the feature of smart reply

If you are new user of Gmail, then we want to tell you that there are unlimited features of Gmail. While it is not possible for any other email service to provide such features. But when you will buy Gmail PVA accounts, then you will be able to find these types of features through a little effort. However, if you want to get these types of features in Gmail accounts, then buy aged Gmail PVA accounts from us. Because we will provide you such aged accounts those have all features which you want. However here we will tell you that how you can make able your Gmail PVA accounts for smart reply.

Enable smart reply on computer

  1. After login your Gmail account, click on the option of gear icon that will be in the upper right side and then search for option settings.
  2. Scroll down through arrow and find the options of smart compose as well as smart reply. And then make it enable or turn on for getting the results of these features.
  3. If you want to choose Gmail smart compose option, then you can allow option of Gmail learing machine personalize. When you will turn on it, then you can get the service of some important words which are used mostly in email composing.

It should keep in mind that you can make change in your own Gmail accounts. But if you are using G Suite accounts under administration, then you cannot edit anything in your account and if you want to get changes in these situations then you should contact with your administration. So it will be easy to get all features those you want when you will buy Gmail accounts for your own work.

Enable smart reply on Android

Smart reply is multi-purpose feature of Gmail and not only valid for computers. But if you are using Android app, then you can get the service of smart reply on your Android app. However, if you want to use this feature on your Android app, then you should follow following steps.

  1. If you are using computer then you will get the option of menu on upper right side. While if you are using android device for Gmail accounts, then you will find this option on left side. However, click on this option and then press on settings.
  2. Choose Gmail accounts for this feature.
  3. Scroll down and choose the options of smart reply turn on and smart compose turn on. When you will turn both these options in on mode, then you will get the facility of these options.

Once you will turn on your feature, then it will be easy for you to get it for future. However, if you will buy Gmail accounts from us, then we will provide you these accounts with these facilities.

As we know that in these days use of social media apps has been increasing up to remarkable limit. The use of offline apps like television, radio, newspapers has decreased. They have been replaced with the online apps which every one of us has installed in our mobile phones. One of the social media app is gaining prominence day by day and every one of us has this app in our mobile phones, laptops and computers. Yes, you guys are thinking right, I am talking about the Gmail. So, I would highly recommend that you people should think of buying Gmail Accounts because of its incredible use now a days.


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