Difference between the printed shirt and casual shirts

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Now-a-days, the lines between casual and printed formal shirt for men is commencing to blur. People are seen wearing suit coats over printed shirts for events, or a casual shirt with bow tie for their occasion look. On top of that, the world of men’s fashion is flooded with so many choices that choosing a simple button-up shirt, a staple of numerous attires, can be quite overwhelming.

While dress code rules have become way more flexible, one can still want to dress appropriately to be completely comfortable around their surroundings. Understanding the characteristics that distinguish a printed shirt from a casual shirt will help you to pick the right shirt easily for every ceremony.

Difference between printed shirt and casual shirts

Today’s fashion world is full of choices. Printed shirts and casual shirts are all starting to look very similar. Although it’s clear when to drop a t-shirt and go for a nice buttoned shirt be it casual or printed.


The printed formal dress shirt will need to be always tucked in. The length of the shirt can tell you quickly if it is formal or not. Printed shirts for men are usually longer than casual shirts. This is because you require tucking them so it stays tucked in, even if you are moving around multiple times.

Casual shirts are typically worn untucked, and for this purpose the bottom hem will be cut a bit short. You can usually utilize your pant’s back pockets to gauge whether your shirt needs to be tucked in or not.


The wildest impressions of patterns, including geometric designs, plaids, checkers and large floral prints, should be limited to casual shirts only. Printed formal shirts will be kind of solid, but if you want to wear them all the time for work you can get bored with the plain look after a while. Here small patterns on printed casual shirts will be your savior.

The stripes on printed formal shirts will have stripes that are no more than half a centimeter wide. Paisley prints or delicate floral prints on light hued printed shirts can also be viable alternatives to add up patterns to your outfit.

Right Fit

The fit of any shirt, be it a printed shirt or a casual shirt, is the key to a specific look you are craving for. You now have a basic understanding of the different types of shirts and when to wear them. Casual shirts can go well with the look if it is not properly fitted on your body.  However, your printed formal shirt needs to be decently fitted. 


Printed shirts are usually made of high-grade thread count textiles that are tightly woven with silk or cotton. Its fabrics stay more evenly, and it gives them a richer and sometimes shimmering look. Generally, fancy material is reserved for printed shirts.

Casual shirts are often made from rough materials, and can be knitted or woven. Some of the common fabrics used to make casual shirts are linen, flannel, plain oxford, denim and chambray.

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The color of the printed formal shirt is muted and is usually solid neutral or pastel shades with little light prints. However, one can choose a dark printed shirt as a casual one.  Buy shirts online to avail more options. Casual shirts are meant for bright vibrant colors. If you have to choose between them keep in mind the occasion factor. As a final thought, keep in mind that just because a shirt qualifies as a printed or casual shirt does not make it classy or worthy. Moreover, whether it is a printed or casual shirt, you need to select it up mindfully.


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