‘Didn’t know about haemorrhoids during pregnancy’: Kishwer Merchant opens up about her journey



Every woman goes through a unique experience that is extremely personal to her, when she is pregnant, and for Kishwer Merchant, it is no different. The actor who is expecting her first child with husband Suyyash Rai, recently opened up about her pregnancy journey thus far, and shared with her followers on Instagram some cons — mainly haemorrhoids, itchy breasts, and mood swings, to name a few.

“During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes. [There were some] new things that happened to me that I was not ready for. I have never been sick or ill, but the moment I discovered I was pregnant, I also got to know I have thyroid. Pregnancy thyroid is normal — I didn’t know about that. My morning starts with the thyroid pill,” the actor said in a video.

She continued: “What you have to be really careful about is constipation.” Kishwer shared that she is suffering from haemorrhoids, which is a condition that causes swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus region, causing discomfort and in extreme cases, bleeding.

“Constipation during pregnancy is dangerous, because haemorrhoids are painful. I didn’t know about haemorrhoids, or that I should be taking constipation seriously.”

The actor then went on to talk about her mood swings, which were new for her, for she is a “mentally strong person” otherwise. “For me, to not be able to control my emotions, was new. I was not able to handle them, I wasn’t even able to comprehend as to what was going on with me. I kind of dealt with it; it was just in the first trimester.”

Kishwer also said she ate mangoes and milk and ghee to deal with her haemorrhoids, and that she has been diligent enough to check with her doctor and her mother on what foods to eat and avoid.

“Every pregnant woman’s journey is different. I didn’t get any nausea or vomiting… Thank you, God,” she said, adding that she gets inspired by watching videos of heavily-pregnant women who continue to dance and exercise.

“But obviously, it needs to be controlled. I think one automatically understands just how much the body permits.”

The actor also admitted that she was shocked to learn that during pregnancy, the breasts grow. “They are very itchy and there is this crazy pain. I asked my sister-in-law who said it is very normal, and you need to start using oils and you will be fine.”

She concluded by saying that pregnancy is “beautiful and amazing” when one has a good partner. She said her husband Suyyash makes the journey “hilarious and entertaining” for her. “We spend a lot of time together and watch the TV. He eats as much as I do.”

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