De-stress with this breathing exercise; Malaika Arora shows how


Breathing exercises are known to be great stress-busters that work their magic almost immediately. But one must be regular with practice as such exercises are known to be extremely good for one’s mental and also physical health.

Stressing on the importance of concentrating on one’s breathing, actor and yoga enthusiast Malaika Arora recently took to Instagram to share how to do anulom-vilom — a simple form of Pranayama.

“Sometimes, it is not all about moving the body but concentrating on your breathing. Your breathing affects your overall wellness and that is why it is important to perform breathing exercises,” she said.

Also called the alternate nostril breathing technique, anulom-vilom has a number of benefits like:

*Improves immune system
*Boosts memory
*Improves respiratory and cardiovascular health
*Regulates blood pressure
*Improves sleep and helps to de-stress

How to do it

*Sit cross-legged, rest your hands on your knees and close your eyes.
*Keep your right thumb on your right nostril and close it. Inhale deeply from your left nostril for four counts.
*Now close your left nostril with your right ring finger and hold the breath for two seconds. At this step, you are holding your breath with both your nostrils being closed.
*Now, take off your right thumb from your right nostril and exhale deeply through your right nostril.
*Now inhale from your right nostril for four counts while continuing to keep your ring finger on your left nostril and then, close both nostrils for two seconds and exhale deeply with your left nostril.
*Repeat this process for five minutes.
*Concentrate on your breathing while doing it.

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