All About Communication Disorders That You Should Know

All about communication disorders that you should know
All about communication disorders that you should know

A communication disorder is an issue that distresses nearly one out of ten people, and approximately six million children have a language or speech disorder. You can also find many informative facts about communication disorders in the ebook writing services from their writers.

Communication disorders are a very confusing problem for the person who is facing it and the person who is noticing it in anyone. Here is a guide for the people who want to know more about this issue and clarify their doubts about it. If anyone sees a communication disorder in someone close to them or around them and looking for treatments and symptoms, here is all information about it.

What is the communication disorder problem?

The person having a communication disorder faces difficulty with languages, speech, communication, or a mixture of all these. It can be apparent in the participation or understanding of the nonverbal and verbal interactions and the language in writing and articulation.

The disorder can have an effect on a massive range of people for many varieties of purposes. When it comes to the children having this disorder, the diagnosis may occur after a parent, or a teacher notices it in a child. The slow speech development is visible but a little in comparison to their examination of it. Many disorders can grow from very less to very serious.

Types of communication disorder

DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (5), came into existence in 2013 by mental health professionals. In the DSM-5, they categorized the communication disorders to assist in smoothing the process of diagnosis so that people having it or noticing it can have the essential information about it and know what to do about it.

As the program Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(5) addresses, there are four major communication disorders. They are Speech Sound Disorder, Child-Onset Fluency Disorder, Language Disorder, Communication Disorder, Social (Pragmatic), and Child-Onset Fluency Disorder (Stuttering).

Language disorder

Language disorder is an issue where a person having it experiences difficulty in getting or understanding the context of the word of the person who is talking to them. It is hard for them to makes others know what they want to say.

A person with language issues may have less vocabulary to use and in their words and also structure with limits in the sentence.

They struggle to make a sentence meaningful and have a hard time understanding the speech and writing both.

According to DSM-5, it does not link with problems like motor dysfunction, hearing loss, global development delay, intellectual disability, or other neurological or medical conditions.

Speech Sound Disorder

People having speech sound issues have problems while making specific sounds. The sound possibly will be unclear, absent, or have3 variations. The SSD has two categories in which it has a division, and they are Articulation and Phonological. Here is all the information about these two categories of SSD:

Articulation: making the specific speech sound is difficult for people having articulation issues. It is because of some deficiencies in the vocal organs of a human. Four main symptoms link with the articulation issue: substitution, additional sounds, distortion of the sounds, and omissions.

Phonological: it is the patterns of the errors in the sound.

People with this issue require great effort to get the phonological system in their brain, which means they have to try harder to keep the sounds in order inside their minds.

Childhood-Onset Fluency Disorder (COND)

Childhood-Onset Fluency Disorder (COND) is the problem that causes disturbance in the language, and its natural flow is not proper in this disorder.

You can also recognize it as the stutter. It changes itself in the prolongation of the speech while the person is speaking. People with this order may become hesitant to talk because they use monosyllabic cyclic words in the vocabulary.

Social communication disorder

A person having this disorder will be perfect in articulation but will have issues communicating socially. The patient will be good at sentence flow and understanding the grammar but will face social communication difficulties.
The reasons the communication disorders

Communication disorders can occur due to many different reasons, and many people have them from their birth. But still, there are certain reasons because of which a person faces communication disorders, and they can be:

Treatment of the communication disorders

If anyone is facing any disorder or disease, if we notice it early and make the diagnosis, we must take several steps for its cure immediately to get worse.

So early intervention is the first step towards the treatment of the communication disorder, and it can help cure the illness in time.

It will appraise a child with the condition to check if they meet the needs for the situation, and they will help you create a plan, the Individualized Family Plan.

With the program’s help, which the helping agency and parents use to set up goals, they will remain a team to manage the issue. Families working together as a team with therapists can handle this issue quickly.


It is a very effective solution to a communication disorder. It is about the schools with teachers, therapists, and other classes in schools for children with illnesses.


When we talk about communication disorders in an adult, they can occur from some stroke or an injury. It could also be possible that the adult did not receive any treatment when the person was a child. For the adults, the speech therapists or the speech pathologists can help them with the communication disorder.

So some many kids and adults are having communication disorders and need help. If you are experiencing the illness or notice someone has the condition, you can always seek help after recognizing the symptoms. Seeking help as soon as possible is the right way to the solution.


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