Chrome for Android gets a new screenshot tool


Chrome for Android has received a new screenshot and editor tool. The new feature, which was first spotted by 9to5Google, will now make it easier to take screenshots of web pages. It is not immediately accessible and you will spot it in the “Sharing menu,” which appears at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to share your favorite car games moments with your friends.

The Sharing menu was introduced with an update for Chrome back in August 2020. It shows three rows and the top one displays the page name, URL, and a favicon of the current webpage. The second row includes a list of the top social apps that a user can use to share the screenshot. The third row in the Sharing menu includes tools like Screenshot, Copy Link, Send to Your Devices, QR Code, and Print.

You can access the new screenshot tool by tapping on the web link. You then need to tap again on the Share button to access the ‘Sharing Menu.’ Android Chrome users can also use the editor tool after taking the screenshot.

You can crop the image, add text or draw anything on it. Once you are done, tap on the “Next” button if you want to share the screenshot to any platform or save it locally on your device. The image will appear in your Gallery if you chose to download it.

You also get a Delete option if you don’t want to use that particular screenshot. Alternatively, users can simply press the back button and tap on the “Exit” button. Google just recently rolled out the latest Chrome 91 update for Android and the new screenshot tool could be a part of it.

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