Blue Light Glasses – Why you need them & Which is the best one?

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How often do you look at your phone screen? How long do you work on computers? Probably a lot. Nowadays, we are heavily reliant on computers for almost everything. 

You need a new dress, you browse your phone. you get hungry, you order online. You need to remember something important, you put it on your phone. Every work includes your digital devices. You also look for recreation on your phones. In such a situation, your eyes are exposed to a lot of blue light emission which is harmful. 

You will need blue light glasses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emission.

1. You work long hours on computers

Since you cannot forgo your work which uses computers throughout the day, you will need something to protect your eyes. You cannot limit your work or else you get fired for unproductivity. You can only find an aid that will help you. Blue light glasses will prove useful to you in such a case.

Blue light filter glasses will block the emission of blue lights and keep your eyes from straining or getting fatigued.

2. You are highly social

You like staying updated. Like being connected. Need to know what your friends are up to. What your favourite celebs are doing or what style of clothes are trending? You cannot look outdated, so you need to keep up with the going trend. For doing all this, you need to stay on your phone most of the time.

Your phone is hurting your eyes but you cannot stay away from it because it is a means for you to stay connected. If you are highly addicted to your phone, you should try to limit your time you spent on the device. Or you can adjust the resolution of the screen to comfortable mode so that it doesn’t hurt your eyes.

You can get blue light glasses, even if you have perfect vision. Your perfect vision will not stay perfect forever. And because of your addiction, your eyesight is more likely to deteriorate. You should get these glasses to not let your eyesight go bad.

3. You are a game addict

If you game for hours (7-8 hours a day). It is a lot of time. If you are not a professional gamer, then you should consider reducing your hours spent on the screen. Game screens of high resolution emit a lot of blue light glasses. Getting exposed to such light for so long will lead to a number of problems for your eyes and body.

You will have trouble sleeping. This in turn will cause you a number of health disorders. You should order online prescription glasses with blue light filter lenses.

Which is the best blue light glasses for you?

Most blue light glasses block about 60-90 percent of blue light emission. For blue light glasses to actually work, you need glasses that block all of the blue lights. X-Blue UV from Specscart can block 99.99 percent of blue light emission. 

These glasses are ideal for you if you are having sleep troubles. By blocking all most all the blue lights whether it is from digital devices or the natural light, your sleep cycle will become regulated. You will fall asleep easily. Also the other problems because of the digital screen will be reduced. Your eyes will not strain as much as they used to. Also, you will not get a headache after overworking.

You might have perfect vision but getting exposed to blue light will affect your eyesight. To protect your eyesight from deteriorating, you should consider getting a pair of blue light glasses. 

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If you are a glasses user, you can get your next prescription glasses in blue light filter lenses. You can get an amazing style for your women’s glasses, the ones that will change your look and make you look outgoing and fashionable. Or you can choose glasses that will make you look smart and confident.


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