Best smoke spots dust 2: Everything you should know

Best smoke spots dust 2

Best smoke spots dust 2 – Online games have become common nowadays. Wherever you turn, you will find kids and teens playing online games. Have you heard of the Dust2? Dust 2 is one of the popular games on the internet. The game encompasses a map, which makes the game more user-friendly and simple. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the major region where players start their Dust 2 gaming journey.

Dust 2 is one of the best online games. There are many best and popular smoke sites in the game. These smokes will help the player unlock many new levels and also complete the game easily. By using the smokes, the player can escape from the opponents without being attacked. Let us see some of the best smoke spots in Dust 2 online game:

  • Xbox Smoke
  • Long Corner Smoke
  • A Site, CT Spawn
  • The Mid to B Smoke
  • B Door Smoke
  • B Entry Through Upper Tunnels
  • A Cross Smokes
  • One way smoke
  • Catwalk attack smoke
  • A long defense
  • T-side smoke
  • Tunnel to sniper’s nest
  • Tunnel to door
  • T- spawn to Xbox
  • Mid to B smoke
  • From T Spawn
  • Skylight
  • T-site
  • Smoke the corner Flashover
  1. Xbox Smoke

Xbox smoke is commonly used by all players. You may always find a disturbing AWP in mid, that will stop you from going short.

  • Long Corner Smoke

Long corner smoke forces the CT to have to go wide to spot double doors on long. Even if the player gets the first fragging, he/she can use this wise chance to get the players out of the smoke and retreat. If the smoke is not present, the CT can get a frag and move behind the wall for cover features and escape enemies.

  • A Site, CT Spawn

The player might get fragged by an AWP while crossing to the A-site. Who knows if the players would have smoked CT spawn? The player can cross this easily. This is when CT spawn will come to the rescue.

How to use A site smoke?

The player should stand in between the wall and the seed bags. Next, he/she must set the crosshair on the dark spot of the wall. Throw the smoke. Next, jump on the seed bags. Jump on the box. Now, you will be given the advantage power. You can use it against your enemies and win the game.

  • The Mid to B Smoke

Mid to B smoke is a lot more than you think. Throw the flash to make life of the player a little easier. The Mid to B smoke will kill the enemies behind the door.

  • B Door Smoke

The door smoke is all best for the players to make the game easier and perfect. Try door smoke and get the perfect gaming life.

  • B Entry Through Upper Tunnels

If the player wants to enter the B-site, this smoke spot is very useful. The upper tunnel is the best region, where you can use this smoke. Combined with the classic B Rush, the smoke will result in an effective way to win this game.

  • A Cross Smokes

A combination of two clouds of smoke will make the game more interesting. This smoke will make sure that the T-side has more space. Thus, you can enter the ‘A-Site’ easily. More than one player must play, to achieve the perfect combination in this game. This feature will make sure to prevent the enemies to know the information about the opponent players.

  • One way smoke:

One-way smoke is a type of smoke that helps the player spot the opponent by the edge. The opponent will be unable to spot out the player. This will help the player in an easy kill.

How to use one-way smoke?

The thrown smoke must be near the player’s ground surface. Even if the opponent is hiding, the player will be able to see the opponent’s legs and easily kill him. While the player is throwing the smoke, the player must stand somewhat closer to the opponent.

  • Catwalk attack smoke:

Catwalk attack smoke is one of the best smokes in the game. The player will be able to play solo and as a team.

How to use catwalk attack smoke?

The player must press against the rail door’s center. Next, the player must turn around and set the crosshair on the wall crack. The wall will be seen above the dark window. Finally, the player must throw an SG with LMB.

  • A long defense 

If the T is in the pit area, the player can frag and achieve the next step.

How to use the A-long defense?

The player must stand in between the wall and seed bags. Set the crosshair. The crosshair must be set in such a way that it is present in the left of the furthest bottom left corner of the box. Now, throw an SG with LMB.

  • T-side smoke:

T-side smoke is used to take control over the B-Tunnels. The T-side smoke is easy to throw. The player will be safe even while throwing the smoke. Set up is also easy.

  • Tunnel to sniper’s nest:

The tunnel to sniper’s nest is one of the best smoke spots in the game. The smoke takes away one of the most powerful AW Ping positions on B. the throw can be done quickly and neatly. The player will be safe while throwing the smoke.

  • Tunnel to door:

Tunnel to door feature is used in almost every type of the B execute. It is mainly used when the CT numbers are thinned out. The smoke spot is comparatively easier than the other spots. The smoke can be thrown quickly. The smoke is used in very crucial positions in the game. The player will be safe when he/she crossed the position.

  • T- spawn to Xbox:

When the player has a T in T-Spawn, this feature can be used. Here, the smoke is very easy to remember. The smoke is easy to remember. It is one of the most popular and useful smokes in the Dust 2 online game. The player is safe when throwing this smoke.

  • Mid to B smoke:

Mid to B smoke spot is one of the best spots in the dust 2 online games. If the player wants to take control over any region, try the mid to b smoke feature.

  • From T Spawn:

Within the A site, a stronger position can be established. Only if you learn how to learn a smoke flash from T-Spawn over the A Long entrance, this smoke is available.

One disadvantage is that the walls of A Long entrance are a little higher. This makes it more difficult for the player to throw a flash over it. One solution the player can use to solve the issue is that the player can throw a standing or running flash through the lower section. If this doesn’t work out, the player can also stand up on the car right in front of them and make a jump throw.

  • Skylight:

While walking out of the door, skylight smoke spots in the Dust 2 online game. In the past, players used to throw a flash through the skylight while running. Unfortunately, now this feature does not work in the latest version of the Dust 2 online game. 

One wise way to achieve this feature, the player can run a jump throw at the middle one. Later, it will go straight down to hit everyone present in the area. This feature helps the player avoid enemies from seeing them precisely as the player walks out of the door.

  • T-site:

T-site is one of the famous and fine smoke sites withinside the Dust 2 on line game. If the participant is taking the B grenade and might smoke indoors, the participant will have a sight from the center f the building. Before leaping down over lodge, the participant ought to shift on pinnacle shift leap thru from there. Next, the participant has to appearance as much as them among the doorstop of the corner, after which he makes it capable of hit the give up of the suicide location of the building. Then there may be a flashlight might be pop up from the past and the brink of the smoke and smoke person. Then the participant ought to run down there for a meet-up and get mid- manage from the location.

  1. Smoke the corner Flashover

Smoke is the third and nice form of grenade that’s to be had in the sport Best grenade spots dirt 2. The smoke is a flashover from the nook of the building. Suppose the participant has the nice form of lengthy spawn and desires to flash over the smoke from the nook. The person must need to byskip this little wall, after which he can flashover the smoke, however this smoke isn’t too a ways from a huge location. Then the participant must line his finger from the dotted nook, after which he can bounce throw with it. The person wishes to the primary door, then participant he wishes to the second flash off and second door in order to create the smoke from the nook of the wall inside the sport. The first flashlight will become the catching for everyone, after which he may want to peek at a huge location of the smoke. The person or participant turns into blind with that second flashlight for the duration of the sport. But it relies upon at the participant, and if he’s overdue for a chunk of time, he can appearance as much as the pinnacle left of the rectangle. Then the participant must perform a little bounce or brief run snap for making the bounce throw, after which he can see the blinded location. Or, with the assist of it, the participant may be capable of see the opposite nook of the room. Then the participant must be searching on the dotted location or at the pit location with the assist of second flash Best smoke spots dust 2. Also, The 2d flash is the nice form of flash that may get any participant from each nook or aircraft near the doorways of the building.


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