Best Smartwatches Under 500

Best Smartwatches Under 500

Best Smartwatches Under 500: Today we must be more mindful of our health because the stress that has resulted from of our work is making us more susceptible to get sick. And with the introduction of top smartwatches that cost less than 500 you can be sure of our overall health is being monitored and, when we purchase the best smartwatches, we’ll offer options to be alerted by alerts for any calls or messages, that is available on top-of-the-line smartwatches.

There is a wide variety of smartwatches on the market, but going for the model that works best for you is something you should look for. If you’re in a pinch but would like a watch for yourself We have compiled our list of the top smartwatches that cost less than 500. We’ve also included several smartwatches beyond the limit of 500 you are thinking of expanding your budget just a some and buying more feature-packed smartwatches.

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The best smartwatches under 500 dollars for your requirements

1) Immutable 49_Rme Smartwatch

It is among the top smartwatches for under $500 and is loaded with options. It has an activity tracker which lets you know the number of calories you’ve burned, the number of steps you’ve taken and how long you spent on a particular activity. With its IPS TFT screen, you can view every detail crystal clear. Its design for this watch is designed to be unisex and is wearable by any person.

This smartwatch offers the option of monitoring your sleep cycles and sleep cycle. It is easy to connect the watch to your phone and receive all important notifications for calls and other alerts , too. Its battery lifespan is not long for this model since it offers a maximum of 10 hours of battery life when fully charged. It isn’t a bad price for a smartwatch that is among the most affordable smartwatches for under $500.

Screen Resolution320×240 pixels
FeaturesActivity Tracker Waterproof Body Functions Like Steps Counter, Calorie Counter, Blood Pressure, HeaRME Rate Monitor LED Touchscreen
DisplayIPS TFT

2) Calpiyo Smartwatch

This is a great product for those with a limited budget. It’s not in the 500-rupee smartwatch, however there are many advantages to this device if you want to increase your spending a more. Calpiyo features a range of sensors to measure your blood pressure, heart rate sleep hygiene, your the number of steps you take during the day, calories burned throughout the day, and distance traveled when you engage in things that help you maintain a healthy way of life.

You will receive notifications about your writs through the use by this bracelet. It has the most recent Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that provides more bandwidth and connect to your phone. The smartwatch is IP67 certified which means that it’s also waterproof. It is a bit expensive, however the additional features place it in the category of most popular smartwatches in that Rs.500 mark.

Screen Resolution320×320 pixels
FeaturesDaily activity tracking: Record steps and distance and calories burned. Also, track active minutes. You can track your daily activity and the time.
DisplayOLED display

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3) Goldtech ID115 Smartwatch

This watch is priced higher than the average however it’s ideal for people who are looking for a durable as well as waterproof device. It has a lot of features such as recording heart rate, monitoring the quality of sleep and calories counter, step counter counter distance counter active minutes counter. The watch also supports multi-sports mode directly on the screen as well as remote camera control for mounting your smartphone’s camera using the buttons on the watch. It also alerts you to your phone’s incoming calls, messages sent via social media or text messages it also alerts you of long periods sitting in one location and comes with an alarm timer.

There is no need to be concerned about water activities since it’s IP67 Waterproof that makes it safe for surfing, swimming, and surfing under water not more than 3.3 feet in less than one hour.

Screen Resolution64×32 pixels
FeaturesFitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Messages, Phone, Alarm, Pedometer, Camera, Heart Rate Monitor
DisplayIPS TFT

4) Hug Puppy ID116

If you can afford a little over 500, you could buy this awesome smartwatch. It is equipped with every day-to-day tracking activity like and track steps as well as distance, calories consumed and active minutes that you’ve been working out. It also comes with an OLED display, and additional features such as heart rate sensors as well as an Activity Recorder and Sleep Monitor and Calorie Counter as well as Call Notifications. Alerts for messages, alarms, and it supports Android as well as iOS. It can be connected effortlessly to any computer, laptop P.C or mobile device to allow it to be charged. This watch has an excellent battery life, and it can be in standby mode for up to two days in a snap. It’s a bit expensive, however, the extra features place it in the category of top smartwatches that are around the Rs.500 price point.

Screen Resolution128×64 pixels
FeaturesSmart fitness watch with Bluetooth and the Heart Rate Sensor, an Activity Recorder Sleep monitor, Calorie Counter, Call Notifications Alarm, Message, Usb Charging is compatible with tablets, smart phones as well as PC’s. It also supports Android and IOS

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5) Ismart 12 Notifier Smartwatch

This is among the most trendy smartwatches to check out among our choices. This model is available with a wide range of colours and features a distinctive design. It is possible to pick the color range to find the one that best suits your style. It’s a water-resistant watch that is able to withstand the pressure of water up to 100 m(which is a pretty impressive assertion by its makers).

The watch also comes with unique features such as Calendar and Date set to alert you to any deadlines or work that needs to be completed. the deadline. It features an HD display, and is light, weighing just 150 grams. It’s a decent quality product for the price and is among the top smartwatches for under $500.

Screen Resolution1000×1100 pixels
FeaturesAlerts for Calendars and Dates

6) Kuba Smart Band M4B

If you are serious about fitness but require fitness-related features in a watch for a reasonable cost the watch might be the perfect fit for you. It’s more of the size of a band because it can be worn anywhere you go thanks to the small size.

The band lets you keep track of the steps you’ve taken, your heart’s condition and the duration you’ve been active, the amount of calories consumed throughout the day, and it also offers a 4.0 Bluetooth connection for better connectivity to your mobile. It’s waterproof which means you can wear it in water and also during water sports.

The company behind this smartwatch claim that their battery can last for up to 48 hours on one charge, which makes it seem to be a great option in the long haul. It’s a bargain and is among the most affordable smartwatches priced under 500.

Screen Resolution730×730 pixels
FeaturesMaintaining a record of calories burned, the rest cycle, and heart rate
DisplayOLED Display

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7) M4 Smart Bracelet

Another smartwatch allows you to seamlessly connect your smartphone and receive notifications and alerts of your messages, calls and more at your wrist. It is small, but has an vivid display and a durable strap that is made of rubber to let it to easily slide on your wrist for maximum convenience all day long.

The smartwatch is loaded with features, including steps during the day, calorie intake counter as well as calorie intake counters. It also tracks the duration of your rest monitor, and it keeps track of the heart rate and blood pressure and oxygen levels. It also has a waterproof band that is suitable for any activity that requires worry. It’s a good bargain to get your hands on to be one of the top smartwatches for under $500.

Screen ResolutionN/A
FeaturesAll-day Health Management Keep track of your steps, distance and calories burned rate
DisplayColor screen with IPS

8) Nxtpower SM-7001 Fitness Smartwatch

This smartwatch is equipped with two options: Bluetooth connection and yet another called Network mode where you’ll need to connect an SIM card inside it. It lets its wearers make and receive calls as well as send and receive messages using the SIM card placed inside which mimics the functionality of the Cell phone. You will not be as dependent on your phone as a result it is a smartwatch. The distinctive feature of this device is that it is equipped with an internal camera that allows you to answer calls and take pictures without having to rely on your smartphone to accomplish this. This watch functions as a smartphone with functions of its own and is that are ideal for fitness enthusiasts like monitoring how many steps taken, the calories burned throughout the day and also the distance you in the course of the day. A little expensive however, the extra features place it in the category of most popular smartwatches in that Rs.500 mark.

Screen Resolution240×240 pixels
FeaturesReminder to phone calls, reminders for mobile disconnect, show the number or name of the incoming calls, reminders to text messages (including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)

9) Shoptoshop Activity Tracker

The smartwatch made by SHOPTOP is a great option for those who are on strict schedules for their days and need to keep to keep an check on their health at one glance.

The smartwatch can be used to do things like keeping track of your day-to-day activities, for instance it tracks the distance you’ve travelled on foot, the calories consumed throughout the day, and how long you’ve been active. It also provides you with the option of displaying the dates, time and calendar on the main display. Connecting it to your phone will allow you to get notifications from your phone and alerts directly on your smartwatch.

The watch can also transfer your data from the exercise you’ve done via your smartphone. This is an incredible value as it’s one of the top smartwatches for under $500.

Screen Resolution128×64 pixels
FeaturesKeep track of your steps and distance and calories burned. You can also track active minutes, and you can track the daily activities and time.
DisplayOLED display

10) Smart 25 Notifier Smartwatch

If you love the G-Shock series from Casio this smartwatch offers the same rugged design but with the features of a smartwatch. The watch has the camouflage look and features circular dial and adjustable straps to suit your needs. It also has an LED display that is able to function as a stopwatch. A timer is also included to ensure you are aware of the tasks you wish to accomplish during the course of your day. It is possible to use the stopwatch to keep track of the amount of time you put in to exercises and other tasks. It’s a simple smartwatch, which is why it tends to be the least expensive on our list. Its price starts at Rs.299 accessible at Flipkart as the top smartwatches under 500 .

Screen Resolution320×320 pixels
FeaturesAlerts for Calendars and Dates

11) WBD Smartwatch

The last but not least it is a bit over our budget, but the features it has to offer make it worth the price. This watch comes with an Touchscreen and an extremely user-friendly interface. It has Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to receive all notifications and alerts directly on the watch. It also has cameras for clicking pictures.

The smartwatch is also compatible with SIM cards as well as memory cards, so it’s not anything less than a smartphone. It comes with features, including step count, calories burned during the day, distance tracked by the foot and other fitness-focused individuals. It’s a little expensive however, the extra features place it in the category of most popular smartwatches in the Rs.500 price point.

Screen ResolutionN/A
FeaturesCamera, Bluetooth mic, speaker sim slot, memory card slot
DisplayIPS LCD


If you believe that you’ll be sacrificing some of the features simply because you’re searching for smartwatches with a limited budget, think twice as we hope our selection can help you make an informed choice on the smartwatch that is best for you.


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