Best 10 iPhone Card Holder Cases

Best 10 iPhone Card Holder Cases

Best 10 iPhone Card Holder Cases

1. Spigen Slim Armor CS

iPhone Card Holder Cases: Polycarbonate cases are more durable than leather cases. We’ve got it in an ultra-modern “armor” that provides 360-degree iPhone security (minus the screen and screen, that is). The exterior slot is slim, sleek slide-and-go style that doesn’t sound like “Hey Look at me I’m a case for cards! case!”

Compatibility: Pro Max 14 Pro Max, 14 Pro 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 13 Pro 13 Pro Pro Max 12 – and 12- Pro 12 Mini 12 Pro Max 11 Pro, Pro, 11 Pro 11, 11 Pro Max Max Xs and 11 Pro, Xs Max,

Card SlotTwo cards are sufficient.
MagSafe CompatibilityNo
ProtectionAir cushion and dual layers

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2. 3-Card Phone Case

Bellroy’s three-card cases tuck cards inside the sides and conceals them from view. It’s invisible, shall we say this is a positive thing in this case. The most appealing feature is the eco-tanned leather that comes in a variety of shades, from lemon to lagoon to the terracotta color, which is a welcome change from the plain leathers in all the iPhone Case world.

Support: all iPhone 14 and 13 models

Slots for cardsA maximum of 3 cards
MagSafe CompatibilityNo
ProtectionPolymer and eco-tanned leather

3. Phone Cases

A well-designed wallet case will fall in the realm of elegant and minimal but not overly gaudy and colorful. This elegant wallet case that has a satin finish offers that sleek luxurious look that will catch your attention at first sight. It’s extremely sturdy, with the tanned vegetable leather as well as microfiber interior. Mujjo also covers the volume and power keys with leather.

Compatibility: All iPhone 14 models, all iPhone 13 models, all iPhone 11 models

Card SlotA maximum of 3 cards
MagSafe CompatibilityYes
ProtectionScreen edges and raised camera

4. Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Smartish’s minimalist iPhone case is able to hold three cards — and the odd bill in case you’re one of the “cash is the king” people. The case also shields your device from daily use. The sides are made of textured material to make them more grippy. There are plenty of choices of colors–one is named “Chef’s Special”–that truly makes a statement for iPhone Card Holder Cases.

Compatibility: All iPhone 14 models, all iPhone 13 models, all iPhone 12 models, all iPhone 11 models, iPhone SE, all iPhone X models

Card SlotThree cards or more plus cash
MagSafe CompatibilityNo
ProtectionExtra grippy sides

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5. Stashback Case for iPhone

Incipio hides three cards inside doors that slide, similar to the one you must open to replace the remote’s batteries. It also stays on the basic aspect of things. But its longevity isn’t a problem–it’s equipped with 14 feet of drop-proofing and a bezel with a raised edge for screen security.

Compatibility: all iPhone 13 models, all iPhone 13 models

Card SlotThree cards or more
MagSafe CompatibilityNo
Protection14-foot drop protection

6. Modern Leather Folio

The Nomad Modern Folio is very nearly the size of a wallet, is the room it offers for up to three cards as well as an extra pocket to store cash (or anything else you want to keep). It’s small in its leather casing and comes with 10-foot drop protection. You’ll be able to hold it in your hands to feel the softness. It’s compatible with MagSafe too.

Compatible: All iPhone 14 models, all iPhone 13 models and all iPhone 12 models, all iPhone 11 models

Card Slot3 slot cards with 1 cash slot
MagSafe CompatibilityYes
Protection10-foot drop protection

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7. Strada Folio Series

It’s not heavy, but Otter Box’s case unfolds and opens up a slot that can accommodate a couple of cash or cards. When the transaction is complete the magnetic latch keeps the flap in place to protect the screen. security. Don’t let its sleek appearance as if it’s actually extremely sturdy, as are all Otter Box products, able to withstand tests of military quality. But it’s so light and not tacky. How did Otter Box do it?

Compatibility: 14 Pro Max, 14 Pro, 14 Plus, 14, 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro

Card Slot2 slot cards plus 1 cash slot
MagSafe CompatibilityYes
ProtectionMilitary-grade drop protection

8. A Wallet Case and Card Holder

It’s a challenging but enjoyable one. It’s a wallet-like folio that is attached to the back of the phone. It’s not designed to cover the phone, but it has the flip-open-close style of operation that folio cases offer. This is why it could serve as a kickstand after opening.

Compatible with: All iPhone 14 models and all models that is available from iPhone 6 to 13 Pro Max

Card Slot2 slots for cards as well as 1 slot for cash
MagSafe CompatibilityNo
ProtectionShock-proof PU leather

9. VCommute Case for Wallet Case

The minimalist design of this case which is evident, especially since you won’t view the majority of the cards that you put in pockets in the rear. However, we’re here to show the ways it can work using Apple Pay, wireless charging and magnetic car phone mounts and also how it can fold up into an upright stand at various angles and withstand drops following drops.

Support: Every model starting from iPhone X to 13 Pro Max

Card SlotA maximum of 3 cards
MagSafe CompatibilityYes
ProtectionMilitary-grade drop protection

10. Portfolio iPhone Case

There’s something quite appealing about wearing glossy leather items. It suggests I’m an expert in something that you don’t and I don’t care about looking good. So, the majority of choices that are on this list are leather-like. But this particular calfskin case stands out because there is There is no sliding or closing the case and you simply add your cards and then leave.

Support: Every model from iPhone 7/8/SE through 14 Pro Max

Card SlotTwo cards or more
MagSafe CompatibilityYes
Protection1.5mm-thick layer of protection


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