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Youngsters should not skip regular health check-ups, warn doctors

Regular health check-ups up to the age of 30 can lead to the prevention of chronic diseases and help reduce the number of patients requiring medical treatment or surgery, say, doctors. “It is important for youngsters to go for regular health check-ups as it...

Judi Dench is determined to continue working despite deteriorating eyesight

Dame Judi Dench is determined to carry on with her work, despite her sight loss, even if that means asking her friends to help her learn her lines. According to a report in The Guardian, the British actor described how she copes with her...

Simple dos and don’ts for healthy weight loss

A lot many people work towards losing excess weight and leading a healthy life. But it is essential to ensure that weight loss happens in a healthy way and does not impact the body negatively. While there are various ways to lose weight, it...

Know about these different ways of consuming amla for maximum health benefits

Indian vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs are known to be a powerhouse of goodness as they are not only healthy but also help boost immunity as they contain antioxidants. One such fruit is amla or Indian gooseberry, which is considered useful for treating many...

Exercise vs Diet? What children of the Amazon can teach us about weight gain

Written by Gretchen Reynolds When children gain excess weight, the culprit is more likely to be eating too much than moving too little, according to a fascinating new study of children in Ecuador. The study compared the lifestyles, diets and body compositions of Amazonian children...

How this ‘physician-musician’ is trying to use the power of melody to heal patients

She was all of five when she started with her Indian classical music training. Two years later, she held the Saraswati Veena in her tiny hands. She went on to learn as much as she could about music — even performing at several festivals....

Have mild COVID symptoms? Ayurvedic doctor shares effective home remedies

Fever, cough, and fatigue are some of the most common symptoms of Covid-19. While medical supervision is necessary, a few diet and lifestyle changes can help you strengthen your immune system and recover well from the respiratory infection. Ayurvedic doctor Dr Rekha Radhamony took to...

When should a couple opt for IVF? Find out

It is no secret that the demanding work life, daily stress and poor lifestyle choices have led to fertility issues in men and women. And so, by the time they are ready to become parents, they may face some problem in conceiving naturally. Modern...

From treating mouth ulcers to aiding weight loss: The many benefits of curry leaves

Other than their culinary uses, kitchen condiments can also take care of your many skin, hair woes and boost immunity. One such all-pervasive ingredient that is extremely good for one’s health is curry leaves, both in fresh and dry form. As per Dr Dixa Bhavsar,...

Laughter yoga: What is it and how does it work?

Yoga is an important tool that many people use to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. And while there are many forms and types of asanas, a particular branch of yoga is laughter or laughing yoga — which you may have seen people practise...
Video Editing

4 Tips for Those New to Video Editing – Get Professional Results at Home

Have you been dabbling in filming videos as of late and would love to take your passion further and start editing your videos as...
Get Instant Free Money

How To Get Instant Free Money ? 3 Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash

The world is rapidly changing as you read these words. Inflation rates are doubling, and the cost of living is increasing fast. People are...
Two-Wheeler Insurance

How your Education impacts your Auto Insurance Rates ?

Driving a car always comes with a risk of an accident, minor or major. This is the reason why it is mandatory in almost...