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Coronavirus making you sleepless? Some tips to battle ‘coronasomnia’

For the past one year, the coronavirus pandemic has been passionately discussed around the world, in news, on social media, among friends and family, etc. So much so that it has led some people into feeling anxious and worried, even hopeless about the future....

World Glaucoma Day 2021: An ophthalmologist debunks some common myths

Glaucoma, which affects the optic nerve of the eye, is a potentially blinding disease. But, there are many misconceptions surrounding it. On World Glaucoma Day, observed annually on March 12, let us demystify some of them, courtesy Dr Smriti Jain, opthalmologist, Practo. Myth #1: Glaucoma...

Can sedentary lifestyle, mental stress lead to hormonal imbalance in middle-aged women?

Many females experience hormonal fluctuation at some point in their lives. Hormonal imbalance strikes-in when the endocrine gland fails to function appropriately. It occurs owing to diabetes, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and improper eating habits. Hormonal imbalance causes PCOD, thyroid problems,...

Can a simple swab test help diagnose and monitor Parkinson’s disease?

A simple skin-swab test could be used to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative brain condition if UK scientists are to go by. As per a latest study, it is possible to identify Parkinson’s based on the compounds found on one’s skin. The University...

In Kenya, speciality tea finds favour with health conscious consumer

Bella Gwada picks purple-tipped tea leaves at a farm in central Kenya early on a Saturday morning before moving to process, brew and taste the produce that had been harvested earlier. Gwada, who travelled 42 kilometres from Nairobi for the experience, is one of a...

What you need to know about managing PCOS/PCOD

Of the many health issues that affect women around the world, PCOS/PCOD has become quite common. But because there is little knowledge out there, as to how to live with the condition, seek treatment, etc., many women are unable to live a healthy life. Dr...

World Kidney Day 2021: Health tips to take care of kidneys in summer

Summers can be hard for the body, especially the kidneys if certain precautions related to its hydration are not followed. “However, hydration is not merely about drinking water,” Dr Suman Lata, director and senior consultant, Nephrology, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital said. Proper functioning of...

No Smoking Day: Simple strategies to quit the unhealthy habit

It needs no retelling that smoking is extremely injurious to health. According to the World Health Organization, the tobacco epidemic is “one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than 8 million people a year around the world....

Count on Kashmiri kahwa for stronger immunity, glowing skin

If you like to begin your day with a with a cup of hot beverage, then there is nothing better than Kashmiri kahwa. The herbal drink made with spices is a specialty originating from Kashmir and is known for its quality to keep the...

Some precautions and measures to take when heading for COVID vaccination

India has kick-started its vaccination drive for those over 60 years of age, and within the age bracket of 45-59 years with specified co-morbidities. If you are eligible and are looking to get vaccinated soon, Dr Kirti Sabnis, infectious disease specialist at Fortis Hospital,...
What Time Does the Super Bowl Start

What Time Does the Super Bowl Start ? Must know

What Time Does the Super Bowl Start ? We have all heard the arguments about when the super bowl starts. Some people say it...
Why were chainsaws invented

Why were chainsaws invented? Know The Reason

Chainsaws are not only useful for work but they have been used for fun for years. There is no telling just how far chainsaws...
Mattress Shopping Tips

Mattress Shopping Tips: How To Choose The Best One For You

There's nothing like crawling into a comfortable and familiar bed at the end of a long day. Today, people expect more from their mattresses...